Today, we’re talking about make-up. There are lots of things you should own if you are serious about this field. However, all you want might be to keep it to the very minimum. But when you go into a store there are so many things which appear necessary. The seller will try to make you but more and more.

That’s why, for you, I’ve made a sweet and short list with the products that you absolutely should have.


1. A moisturising cream

Whether your skin type is dry, normal, oily, or mixt, you need this. I fall into the last category and I must pinpoint that however says that because your skin is oily you don’t need a moisturising cream doesn’t know what he speaks. It’s perfect to use after you’ve washed you face. Besides, if you don’t use foundation it will fight against the free radicals which damage your skin.


2. Mascara

Nothing compares to a nice pair of lashes. Even if you only use this product, it’s sure to have an impact on your image in a very natural way. Don’t overdo it, though. Clumpy lashes are not attractive at all. In addition to this, too much product can damage your lashes. That’s why I suggest that you look for a high quality, lashes-friendly mascara - especially if you use it every day.


3. A moisturising lipstick

You know what does happen when you don’t take care properly of your lips? They get dried and cracked. I doubt you want this to happen. That’s exactly why you should by a moisturising lipstick to “spoil” your lips. Don’t forget, less is more. Don’t look out for those which have a specific colour or perfume. The more natural, the better. It will also give your lips a nice shiny look.


4. A red and a nude lipstick

I group this together because they have the same importance. A red lipstick will make you confident and is a very classy choice. It can transform almost any look from “nice” to “beautiful”/ “sexy”.

The nude lipstick is perfect for when you don’t necessarily want to stand out, but still, want to wear make-up. It’s sweet and can really complete some outfits and make-up choices.


5. Eyeliner

You can wear no makeup at all except for that fine or bold line which purpose is to accentuate your eyes. Depending on the form (gel, liquid, crayon) it’s easier or harder to apply. But practice is all you need. Decide what suits your personality and eye-form and go for it.

Eyeliner, just as red lipstick is an all-time classic. Don’t have any idea on how to make-up? Go for that pin-up!

What’s your must product? Mine is definitely lipstick.

Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd


Published by Rebecca Radd