Quick 5 minute abs workout with flat stomach bodyweight & kettlebell abs exercises. This is an intense abdominal routine that will burn belly fat fast. No crunches or sit-ups! Created and performed by Fat Loss Expert and Master Personal Trainer, Max Barry. Complete 1 round of this 5 min HIIT abs circuit at home or at the gym. Here are the five flat stomach exercises in this quick kettlebell ab workout for women and men:

1. KB Swing / Toe Tap 5x10
2. KB SIde Plank + Thrust (R/L)
3. KB Racked Spider Standing Abs (R/L)
4. KB Pike + Alternating Reach
5. Twister / Sprawl 10 x 1

If you'd like to watch the full workout video on our YouTube channel, the link is at the bottom for you!

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5 MINUTE FLAT STOMACH ABS WORKOUT #4 | Flat Stomach Workout With Kettlebell Abs Exercises https://youtu.be/rA0umVnYlNU

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