As an employer, you have a duty of care towards your employees. This means that you need to ensure that they are protected when they are on your premises. You can't prevent every accident happening but if you take any risks, it could lead to you facing hefty fines should something go wrong. Many accidents can be prevented, just by taking simple measures that make an area safer. Have a read through our guide to the 5 most common workplace accidents and how to prevent them to see what changes you could make today.

Slips, Trips And Falls

Slips, trips and falls account for most of the workplace injuries that occur and are also a major cause of compensation claims. Ensuring that areas in the workplace are kept clean and clutter free is one of the keys to mitigating the risk of employees injuring themselves through slips, trips or falls. Ensure that you educate your employees in regard to keeping areas tidy and that they know to raise an alarm if they do spot a hazard. Have written procedures in place and hold regular training sessions so that you know you have advised your employees in the best way possible.

Being Caught In Or Struck By Moving Machinery

Trust us, injuries caused by being stuck in moving machinery are grizzly and you really don't want your employees injured in this way on your watch. You need to ensure that machinery is working properly at all times, to guard against malfunction causing issues. You also need to ensure that employees receive comprehensive training about using machinery and that they know to wear protective clothing at all times. Have a read through our post on ways to get workers to wear protective equipment if you need some ideas.

Transportation And Vehicle-Related Accidents

If you employ drivers or use vehicles within your business, your employees are at risk of being hurt or killed in vehicle-related accidents. Ensure that you always have up-to-date risk assessments to demonstrate that you have taken safety into account at all times. Also, ensure that the layout of your business makes it easy for vehicles and pedestrians to co-exist. If you need any help, you could always approach a disability lawyer for advice, they might even offer  different disability coverage options.

Fire And Explosions

Fire and explosions in the workplace are often caused by malfunctioning equipment. Ensure that all of your machinery, including your boiler and pipes, are checked regularly to be sure that you are not taken by surprise with a major problem. Make sure that you follow regulations in regard to how often machinery should be checked to mitigate the risk of fire and explosion in your workplace.

Overexertion And Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive stress injuries can be debilitating for an empty and extremely costly for you. Always ensure that your employees meet regularly with your health and safety expert so that the tools they are using can be assessed for suitability. You can use this process to run through proper lifting guidelines and to talk to employees about the need for regular breaks too.

Published by Samantha Brown