If you’re anything like me, you do your makeup in the car on the way to work every morning (at the stop lights, of course), you  go out into the real world looking like a bum only realize you have to actually see real human beings. You have a slight panic attack, yell at yourself in your head for not putting yourself together and then AHA! You remember that you read this article and you learned a thing or two. Look Have these 5 products with you in your purse (or car, like me!) and you’ll be safe.

First and most importantly is a good face powder foundation. I use the Makeup Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation  for all over the face to even out my skin tone and hide all the redness I get around the nose area and the darkness around my eyes. This powder is a medium to full coverage foundation so it does a great job at making you look like you’re actually alive! Any powder foundation that is at least medium coverage will do.

Next are some eye products. Eye liner and mascara are a must. By putting on mascara and eye liner, it makes your eyes completely open up and it brings freshness to your face. Any type of mascara and eyeliner work. I typically use a drug store mascara and brown liner (L’Oreal mascara, NYX liner).

Let’s bring some color to our faces! The next must have product is blush. Without some color on our cheeks, we’ll just continue to look like zombies who rolled out of bed which is the opposite of what we’re trying to do. I use Benefit’s Rockateur Box o’Powder Blush . I love this product because it comes with a little ‘brush’ to apply the blush on so no need to worry about packing any brushes. Any blush will work as long as it is pigmented and works well with your skin tone. Again, to make us look a little more alive and awake, blush is most definitely the answer!

Last but not least is of course a lipstick or lip gloss. Any brand/color will do! Adding a lipstick/lip gloss is really just the icing on the cake. Lip products always tie the entire makeup look together and looks like you are put together yourself!

Because I cannot leave the house without my eyebrows done, I did not include a brow pencil in my must-haves BUT if you don’t always leave the house with your brows done then make sure you have a go-to brow pencil in your purse as well! Brows are everything to me (no seriously, they are everything) and without some brushed out, filled in brows, our entire face will just look unbalanced.

What products do you guys keep in your purse at all times? I’m interested to see if I’m missing a product that I didn’t think was necessary but could possibly up my last-minute makeup game. Check out my beauty blog www.beautyandjess.com for more makeup tips and makeup looks!

Published by Jessica Pinell