Insulating your home basically means installing certain material in your walls to your home protected. Home insulation has become extremely popular and is preferred by most homeowners. Building insulation is also becoming extremely common and demanded by the public. Insulation with its energy saving benefit appeals to most of the people. When you decide to upgrade your house or install insulation in your home, you are going to measure its pros and cons. While doing so, make sure you don’t fall for these myths about insulation that many homeowners believe.

1. Not Worth It

The first thing you would evaluate while planning to insulate your house is the cost to do so. While everyone has a budget and a plan on how they plan to upgrade or build their home, the common myth here is that insulation is not worth it and is too expensive. The truth is insulation helps you lower your energy bills by 50% in winters and 25% in summers. That’s a lot of saving. The material and the weather condition are important aspects to consider while insulating your home. There are a lot of government schemes and discounts that can help you insulate your home. You can save money on your energy bills and take advantage of other schemes making insulation a really great investment.

2. Only for Winters

This is a common myth related to insulation. Many homeowners believe that insulation will only help them save energy bills during winters. The truth is insulation helps maintain the current temperature of your house and protects your house from the weather that is outside. Insulation keeps your house warmer in winters by trapping heat within your home. You save energy by lesser use of heaters and other devices. Similarly, during summers, insulation will help keep your house cool. You won’t be using your air conditioners for long hours and would save a lot of energy and money. Insulation is helpful in every weather and not just cold harsh winters.

3. They Save Energy Only

Installing insulation helps you save a lot of energy. It’s true that the main benefit of insulation is cutting the cost of those enormous bills. But that is not the only benefit. When you compare the benefits of insulation, make sure you add other benefits like sound minimization. This is helpful for houses which have high ceilings, children or noisy neighbours. It does not soundproof your house but cuts down on a lot of unnecessary noise. The other benefit of insulating your house is that it will boost the resale value. Almost every homeowner would like to buy a house which already has insulation. It increases of getting a great value for your house in the future and hence a good investment.

4. Not very Effective

Many homeowners believe that insulating their home won’t be beneficial to them. They believe that it won’t be able to protect them from the cold and they would still be using heating devices. That’s not true. Properly installed insulators will always work efficiently. There are many different types of material that can be used to insulate your home. You should choose a material that would work best with the given weather condition. Many people think that insulating is an easy, do-it-yourself task. If an insulator is not packed tightly and installed in the right way, it will fail to serve its purpose. You also need to maintain insulators to work effectively. Visit for more information on insulation.

5. Just for New Buildings

Many homeowners believe that they cannot insulate their home after it has been built or if it is old. This is a common myth which also makes people leave their old homes and look for ones with insulation. It makes them miss out on the real fact that old building and home can be insulated and it would not require breaking the walls. There is a technique that blows insulation in your walls through holes which when expand and cover the insides of your hollow wall. This does not require any kind of breaking down of things and would help you save more energy.

These common myths should be ignored while insulating your home. It would definitely help you through harsh weather and huge bills.

Published by Taslima Akter