Thailand is a country that is located in Southeast Asia. It is considered as one of the most successful countries because they were able to provide good life and preserve temples and awesome structures that are now being looked at as tourist spots. Thailand is frequented by millions of people every single year and it is also everyone’s favorite place to visit. If you are planning on going to Thailand then you definitely landed on the right page!

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  1. Ayutthaya


(photo source: asia tourist)

Ayuthaya is said to be one of the most impressive and wonderful sites in Thailand. As per Touropia, it sits on an island surrounded by three rivers connecting it to the Gulf of Siam. King U Thong proclaimed it the capital of his kingdom, the Ayuthaya Kingdom, better known as Siam. Once declared the most magnificent city on earth, Ayuthaya was an impressive site, with three palaces, more than 400 temples and a population that reached nearly 1,000,000. In 1767, the Burmese attacked and conquered Ayuthaya however and the capital was moved to Bangkok.

2.   Chiang Mai

(photo source: Kuoni)

Chiang Mai is a place located in northern Thailand. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and it is often used a base for travelers and backpackers from all around the globe. Chiang Mai is a very large city and its culture is very important to Thai people.

3.  Bangkok

(photo source: Bangkok)

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and it is the most visited city in the said country. Bangkok is filled with high rise buildings and beautiful temples. You can also try their street food because they offer some of the best-tasting snacks you can only have in Thailand.

4   Phuket

(photo source: flight centre)

Phuket is also a wonderful place to visit in Thailand. It is considered as one of the most progressive and developed island in Thailand and it is also connected to the mainland by two bridges.

5.   Phi Phi Island

(photo source: sunrise divers Phuket)

Phi Phi Island is also one of the most beautiful islands not just in Thailand but in Asia. Phi Phi Islands are actually an island group that is between the western Strait of Malacca and Phuket. It is really a beautiful place and it should definitely be a part of your bucket list!

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