If you want a powerful core you must, of course, make all the necessary efforts to make it strong. These abdominal and back muscles are crucial for spine support during the fitness workout procedures. According to experienced fitness experts, this is the area that provides you with support. So, how does one make the core strong? This is where the planks variations come in. The beauty of these workout activities is that they focus on the entire core, while at the same time involve the adjacent muscle groups. Besides planks, Valkyrie Turinabol / Tbol 10 come in handy for the maintenance of a strong core. I will now list some planks variations to add power to your core.

First plank method: hip to hip touches

With the oblique muscles being the target, your hips must come to action by moving them side to side. Any fitness expert will not hesitate to tell you that this is a simple yet effective plank variation. To perform it you need to lie down like you are performing the regular plank, but instead turn your hips sideways until it touches the ground.

Second plank method: up-down planks

Up-down, up-down, and repeat. The words tell it all. There are forearm planks and elbow planks in up and down reps in this variation. Due to the pressure as you move up and down, you will need a soft mat beneath. Then place the body at the standard plank position, with arms folded at the elbow. You need to go up on the left elbow, and then come down. For forearms planks, the arms are straight, and you need to move up on the right hand then come down. Repeat the same procedure for the other side. This plank method increases the heart rate, so it works on the circulation too.

Third Plank method: Donkey kick plank

This plank is meant to work out the buttocks muscles, or the glutes, as they are commonly known. With your body at the regular plank position, at an elbow plank position, you must bring the leg up and inwards to the chest. You then kick your leg backward and upwards. The same is repeated for the other leg, and this is done for about 30 to 40 times.

Fourth plank method: raising the hip

This variation is the most fun and easiest, yet one of the best in improving the core. Simply, start by lying like you want to do an ordinary plank and begin raising the body, at the hip area, as high as possible. At the highest position, the body will make a neat triangle and consequently add strength and resistance. The primary target here is the glutes and the hips.

Fifth plank method: up-the-wall plank

Here, the wall must become your friend by moving close to it. The arm must get a good grip on the floor in readiness for action. Like a spider, you need to move your legs up the wall so that only the arms are in contact with the ground. This sounds tricky, but if you maintain that position for 45 to 60 seconds, you will feel the impact immediately.

With these plank variations, you will not only spice your workout schedule but also improve on the core muscles for a more fit body.

Published by Arina Smith