Vinyl replacement windows have expanded in popularity over the past 15 to 20 years. In fact, they continue to climb in popularity despite the higher price tag than their aluminum and wood frame counterparts. Why? The construction of vinyl replacement windows is greater than those other windows. In addition, there are many styles to choose from.  Today, I’m taking a look at 5 popular vinyl replacement window styles.

These windows are the most popular style options that you’ll typically find offered by and other high-quality window manufacturers. Knowing a little bit about window styles will equip you to make choices that can add style and presence to your home.

Double Hung Windows

Ask any window professional the most popular window choice, and he will quickly tell you that double hung windows are the number one choice for homeowners.

But what are they?

Double hung windows are the traditional windows you see in most homes. They consist of an upper sash and a lower sash that share a casement. Each sash contains a solid sheet of insulated glass and optional grids to enhance the appearance.

The advantages of double hung windows are:

  • Provide ample ventilation
  • Tilt inward for easy cleaning
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to open and close

These windows are traditional, classic, and remain a top-seller.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are popular in homes with amazing views because they offer optimal viewing. They can be double- or triple-sliders, but double-sliders are the most commonly installed. With a slider system, the two (for double-sliders) or three (for triple-sliders) window panes are frames and set into a track. They can slide open freely past each other.

The advantages of slider windows are:

  • Maximum viewing/glass area
  • Make a room feel larger, making them popular in smaller homes


Bay Windows

Homeowners everywhere adore bay windows because they add both impressive-looking architecture and curb appeal from the outside and charm and extra space from the inside.

Bay windows create space in your floor plan by creating a small bump-out on your house. The option of floor-to-ceiling glass creates a stunning place to carve out space for a breakfast nook, window seat, or indoor garden.  This makes your room feel much grander for a fraction of the price of an actual addition!

The advantages of bay windows are:

  • Creates a spacious feeling
  • Adds curb appeal
  • Plenty of sunlight in the room
  • Insulated glass to control the temperature

Bow Windows

Bow windows are close kin to bay windows and share the same dramatic appearance. They also soar floor to ceiling and create additional floor space in the room. However, their appearance is more markedly curved, giving it a “bow” appearance. Hence, its name.

This window style offers remarkable appeal to both the interior and the exterior of the home. Grills may or may not be added to enhance the drama depending on the style preferred by the homeowners.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are popular with homeowners who have an amazing view but who don’t want an operating window. They are fixed in place and are intentionally meant to not open or close.

These windows offer lots of light and offer amazing outdoor views.

Why would a homeowner want a fixed window?

Most often, the answer is “the view.” Homeowners whose properties offer incredible views opt for this because there are no grids or sashes to distract from that view.

Wrap Up

Once you understand the different window styles, you begin to see the possibilities that open up to you through the process of investing in replacement windows. So, whether you want to have easy, carefree double hung windows or picture windows to take in a unique view, the choice is yours. Choose once, choose well, and enjoy your new windows!

Published by Elena Tahora