Choosing between an aftermarket semi-truck bumper and an original semi-truck bumper after just filing a car insurance claim can come with a lot of questions. In fact, whether you have had your truck repaired before or lately, then you would appreciate that saying truck parts are expensive is not exaggerated by any means.

Conventionally, people are of the opinion that aftermarket semi-truck bumpers shouldn’t be used but only the original bumpers - it was the case years ago but not anymore. Actually, aftermarket bumpers are now widely used and are gaining popularity among truck drivers.

Check out these five reasons to invest in aftermarket semi-truck bumpers:

Less Expensive

This is one of the biggest pros to investing in an aftermarket chrome truck bumpers rather than the originals. The prices of the aftermarket semi-truck bumpers are usually lesser compared to the Original semi-truck bumpers. They are quite affordable, pocket-friendly and cost-effective when you are looking to save money.

The general thinking was that since the price of the aftermarket parts are usually lower compared to the original parts, then quality must be sacrificed. This is mostly not the case, as the quality of aftermarket semi-truck bumpers has increased over the years.

Varieties Of Makers To Choose From

Since your truck has only one manufacturer, the original semi-truck bumpers will avail you with just one choice to choose, but the aftermarket gives you loads of makers to choose from. You get to select from different semi-truck bumper makers, and not limited to one maker.

Invariably, fewer choices to make when you want to buy a semi-truck bumper, and with only one retailer to control the market will make the prices shoot high since there is no competition. Iowa 80 chrome shop is a great place to find wide varieties of aftermarket semi-truck bumpers.

Easy To Get

Since bumpers are a necessity, especially for long drives, it is required that you have one at all times. And just in case you will be needing a replacement, an aftermarket semi-truck bumpers is a sure one to easily get.

It is more likely you find an aftermarket version of a semi-truck bumper at a local part store near you, than the original semi-truck bumpers that are only available at the dealership’s shop.


This is probably one of the biggest advantages of investing in an aftermarket semi-truck bumper. They are specially designed to adapt with numerous items that will be needed to fit into your everyday truck life.

It has a solid platform that provides you with the option of customizing a multitude of other accessories like antennas and compressors. You can also add winches, fog lights, and off-road lights.

Quality Front Protection

Apart from the mounting capabilities that aftermarket semi-truck bumpers provide, the winch mount they possess are needed to protect the front of your truck from extreme damage when hit.

A fully-welded high quality aftermarket semi-truck bumper can shield your truck and withstand a hard hit without doing much damage compared to a truck that is only equipped with a stock bumper.

Published by Justin Jersey