Have you ever sat around with absolutely nothing to do, or stood in a line that was hardly moving, waiting for something or other, completely bored out of your mind? Chances are you have, even I have, quite often actually.

The problem is, what do you do with your time, to make it more productive and to pass the time? Well, there is always your phone, or maybe your tablet, but I think people are quick to push away a book, with the predetermined thought that it will be a waste of your clearly valuable time. However, there are probably more benefits to reading than playing around with the apps you have downloaded, unless that app is an e-reader, which I can forgive, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, below I am going to tell you just 5 of the many reasons why you should want to make reading part of your day to day routine, even if just for 20 minutes of that day. That's not much is it?


1) It Reduces Stress

There is just something about immersing yourself into another world, or perhaps just a book in general, that just makes you forget what is going on around you, or what is going on in your life. For me, I have suffered for quite some time with anxiety, and I actually first picked up a book voluntarily because I need a way of escaping, and believe me when I say, it truly works.

2) Your Memory Will Be Improved

Reading requires for you to remember certain details as you go, including plot line, characters, and any inciting incidents that may have happened. If you are reading a murder mystery, let's say, then you will really need to keep important details in your mind, in order to keep up with what is going on, and possibly guess who was the murderer.

3) Your Vocabulary Will Soon Grow

'The more you read, the more you will learn', is very easily one of the greatest quotes I have come across. Without reading we wouldn't be able to pick up the words that we do. Sure, some of our words may be influenced by those around us, but if you want to know and put into use more complex words, reading is probably the only way to do that. Read and you will learn!

4) Focusing On Things Will Be Easier

We are in an age where our lives revolve around technology, and this has made us more interested on what we can do next, but reading, calms us down, and allows for us to spend a small amount of time, concentrating on the book you are currently reading. The more a person reads, the more focused you are likely to become.

5) Your Writing Will Get Better

Have you ever wanted to be a great writer, maybe become an author, or perhaps you just want to get a better grade in English? I do! My goal in life has always been to become a published author. The only way I can imagine that happening, is with the assistance of books. Getting stuck into more and more books, opens you up to an array of writing styles, without even realising it. It's crazy how much information and how many skills you can pick up naturally, just by reading a book. It's even better when it's a book you actually want to read, because that's more fun, and makes it less of a task.


See? Reading doesn't sound so bad now! In fact, I am sure you are running to your local bookstore or library right this very second. If not, you should be, because reading could very easily be the most beneficial thing you do today.

Chloe Lauren x

Published by Chloe Lauren