1. Escapism: Without sounding too morbid, have you ever wished you could not exist for a while? Or maybe that you could be someone else? Do you ever want to escape, feel free, not think about your current stresses? Reading is the perfect way to do all these things and more. When you pick up a book and get lost in its pages, become the character, be part of this other world… a great thing happens. This great thing is something I like to call escapism. It is a way of relieving stress by giving your mind a break from reality for while.
  2. Broaden your vocabulary: When you’re reading, you’re focusing on the story line and what the characters are saying, and all of those things that make reading fun. While you’re busy taking all of this in, your brain is working in the background and soaking up all the words that you’re reading. By reading them in the context of the sentence and paragraph, your brain can pick up on their meaning. Better than picking up a dictionary, right?
  3. Become a better writer by reading: If you’re an aspiring writer, there is not one thing on earth that can help you more than picking up a book. You can gain knowledge on writing techniques and styles, sentence structure, character and plot development, and formatting. Basically, you learn to write good stories by reading good stories.
  4. Learn about life: Because there are millions of different books, and each book is influenced by the life experiences of its author, you can learn a lot of really interesting things from reading. You can learn about other cultures, countries, people, you can learn facts about life- past and present. Is there anything more exciting that soaking in the world from your bedroom?
  5. Get inspired: Reading books rich with creativity and knowledge can inspire you to get out and live life, they can inspire you to write your own novel, and they can inspire you to read more! There is no better way to get a hunger for living than by picking up a book.


Published by Kahlia Tipping