In the field of Internet marketing, changes happen everyday. Trends of the previous months can be a waste of time for now. New services and new opportunities for attracting visitors to your site are constantly appearing. And, at the same time, many of them are hopelessly obsolete.

For example, if you are familiar with SEO, you know how difficult it is today to get into the top pages of Google for popular keywords. And what investments you need for this. But not so long ago it was enough to make on-page SEO and a couple of links, and your site could be on the first page.

Google is constantly updating its algorithms. Today your articles can be in TOP, and tomorrow - no longer. Smart Google robots mercilessly ban sites that used black hat SEO techniques and do not display them in search.

Not long time ago, almost every Internet user read articles and long research related to the interest. But today we see the acceleration of life and the overload of information. The user doesn't have time for this anymore.

By the way, this is why Internet entrepreneurship is gaining momentum. People want to get a solution to their problems quickly and efficiently. They want concentrated information and specifics, a step-by-step method. People do not have time to dig up tons of information and to filter out the grain from garbage. It's much easier and faster to watch a video than to read an article of the same size.

Every day, video marketing is gaining popularity. After all, a competently made video is actually a professional seller who works 24 hours a day, and doesn't sleep.

Video marketing can be used, perhaps, in 99% of businesses.

Of course, promotion with the help of video is a time-consuming process, which consists of planning, producing video, publishing it at the right time, promotion and, in fact, analyzing the results.

However, in return, you also receive a lot:

- an additional, relatively inexpensive and very popular channel for attracting customers among modern users,

- a fairly rapid promotion of the brand, especially if you can create a viral video,

 - a great conversion incomparable with text advertising.

The reasons listed below speak for themselves. They can also help marketers create the "right" video and achieve the desired result.

5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing in Your Business:

1. You get an additional channel for attracting subscribers, and therefore customers and profits.

2. You can quickly build your personal brand and become popular among your target audience.

3. Promoting the video on YouTube is almost free. Of course, for the best results it is desirable to strengthen your video with the help of advertising, but first you can start free.

4. Communicating with your audience through video, you quickly build a trusting relationship. 

5. Video copywriting is a very effective sales tool. In fact it is a selling text made in video format. Video presentations are often much better converted into sales than regular text.

Evidence that video marketing is really an effective way to advance with the right approach is enough. Marketers need to use this tool wisely: to build a promotion strategy, not to forget about the edges of creativity, so as not to lose the connection between the brand and reality, and do everything to not get lost in the hundreds of hours of video content that enters the network every minute.


Published by Alisa Bagrii