Snapchat is being more and more popular these days. Recent analyses came to the conclusion that Snapchat is in the first 5 most used apps. Well, it is a pretty big deal. I’m not good at it and I had been circumspect to post anything. Eventually, a good friend of mine who had been using it for a long period of time convinced me to join, too. I’m so glad I did.

Now, let me expose why Snapchat is cool and why you should probably download the app as soon as possible.


1. It’s for real

You can’t fake it on Snapchat - not in the ways you could on Facebook or Instagram. You don’t have to, in the first place. The snaps that are sent within a conversation are not saved - and if the other person watches it again or does a screenshot you can see it - and the others which appear in My story are there only for  24h.


1. It’s fun

Seriously, I cannot emphasise this point enough. How doesn’t want to behave silly once in a while? And if you’re best friend is on Snapchat too, you will have lots of laughing moments. Just think of the unlimited possibilities of pictures with funny faces you can send!


2. Those filters are amazing

Snapchat has some pretty filters which you’ll love. Some of them are constant, and some of them change with every update. What’s the thing with the filters? Basically, you can change your face, put on a crown or make-up, and there are different effects - the one that comes to my mind know is one in which when one opened his mouth, a rainbow poured out of it.


3. You can see what’s new in the world

There is a section called Discover where you can find a variety of news, from sports to fashion to celebrities. Whatever you’re interested in, it might be there. The section is interactive and fun. The articles are usually short and sweet. It’s a brilliant idea for those who want to be up to the latest news.


4. It can replace FaceTime (for IOS users)

Those of you who have iPhone know what I’m talking around. Still, I am going to explain what FaceTime is so that we are all on the same page. FaceTime is a predefined iPhone app which allows the user to make video calls. Snapchat has the same option and it won’t cost you anything (as far as I know, some telephone operators tax some calls). Besides, it won’t discontinue as often as FaceTime.

Don’t be afraid to try Snapchat! It’s fun and there are no mistakes you can make as there are no rules. Do you have Snapchat? My name on it is rebeccaradd13 . Feel free to add me.

Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd

Published by Rebecca Radd