Having a furry friend will be a life-booster & surprisingly you'll become a better person because you're thinking of others & not just yourself. And it's the greatest excuse to stay at home most of the time. Here's another reason why you should get a dog.

1. You'll be more responsible in life

Thinking of taking of yourself is hard enough to deal with but adding another little responsibility will help you to be focused and more proactive on a daily basis.


2. Better Health

Research has found that owning a dog can lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and boost levels of feel-good chemicals in the brain. A 2006 Canadian study found that dog owners were more likely to participate in moderate physical activity than those who didn’t own a dog. They walked an average of 300 minutes per week, compared with non-dog owners, who walked an average of 168 minutes per week


3. A piece of Happiness

A 2009 study by Miho Nagasawa of Azabu University in Japan found that one’s level of oxytocin (the neurohormone that elicits feelings of happiness) raised intensively after interacting with their dogs. And the only interaction they needed was to stare into their dog’s eyes. Those who looked longer into their dog’s eyes had the bigger dose of oxytocin, but really you don't need all that studies to understand it, just look at him ♥

4. Calming night after a stressful day

Having someone to gladly welcome you back at home is a one way to take those stresses away & make you calm down. Trust me just sit and talk to them about your day. Sometimes, we just need a friend to talk to & they love if you tell them stories!


4. You will be full of love

Everything you do now is with love, You don't only love your dog, but you love all the animals that even your products should be in check & make sure it's cruelty-free because you don't  wanna hurt all those sources of happiness.


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Published by Nina Menguito