Look around today, surely you would notice that many things are getting an upgrade to be a better version than before — phones, cars and even appliances or furniture. One other thing that needs an upgrade is your old school work table. Your plain and simple desk needs an upgrade now!

All you have to do is switch to desks that have new and improved designed with more functions and cool features to create a better work experience! You can get this Humanscale Quickstand Eco sit stand workstation from Jestik! This is an ergonomic desk that is designed to seamlessly convert it to a standing desk in one swift movement. This ensures comfort while working, which results to improved work performance, better body posture and increase productivity.

Still not sure why you need to upgrade your traditional desk into a new and improved modern work table? Here are 5 reasons why you should get one now.

  • Made from Eco-Friendly Materials.

In everything we do and create, we must always keep in mind the impact we unconsciously make. It’s great to know that this cool desk is made with non---toxic and sustainable materials which is better than any other product before.

  • Easy to Assemble.

To satisfy customers, it’s always a big plus when the product is easy to use and assemble. Many people don’t have the patience to spend a long time assembling and fixing something. 

  • Lightweight.

Everybody loves a lightweight feature. It doesn’t stress customers in carrying, assembling or adjusting the product. It also makes it easier to convert your standing desk in one swift lift. Aside from that, the light weight of this desk makes it possible for users to bring this even outside their workplaces.

  • Has Lever-Free Adjustments.

Expert engineering has built this desk with a knob and lever-free adjustment features. It also has a self-locking mechanism to keep the desk stable and safe while working. Because of this, it features easy setup, effortless adjustability and unbeatable portability that make traditional desks turn into an active and healthy workspace.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing.

The humanscale standing desk carries a minimal, classy aesthetic that is perfect for a workplace with a sleek, professional vibe. It looks neat, professional and credible — perfect for making a great first impression for clients who drop by to visit.

The humanscale quicksand eco is considered to be the next level technology when it comes to portable lightweight sit-stand workstations. Are you curious to see how it works? Check it out here! You can use it at home or in your office at work, or you can take it outside! The standing desk purpose is to provide comfort in working while standing. It also helps in other health issues such as, allowing you to take a break from sitting and to relieve lower back pain. By standing up with this standing desk, you can stand up and continue working. At the same time stretching your muscles and to relieve back pain. Get your sit-stand desk now!


Published by Shahbaz Ahmed