I know what you are thinking: ‘Chick-Lit, why would I read that rubbish?’ Well, you are missing out on some darn good books. I think the Chick-Lit genre is so fun to read! So, stop what you are doing, get rid of that ‘you’re boring me to death book’ and let your reading be transformed.

Down To Earth and Strong Protagonists


Chick-Lit tends to have everyday women characters you could meet on the streets, in a coffee shop or even at your place of work.  The female protagonists do not have it all together. Are you the girl struggling to fine the right career path? Chick-Lit knows it. Clumsy and prone to please-let-the- ground- swallow- me up moments? Chick- Lit has been there and then and done that. Love chocolate, shopping, sports, reading or drinking tea? That girl exists in Chick-Lit. It is no lie that some of these characters can appear to be super girly. But, some can turn on super-girl mode and solve sticky situations. Read Chick-Lit and you will have another awesome friend.

Cute Romances


There are some readers out there who cringe at the thought of reading a book with a drop of romance. Then, there are the select few who unashamedly admit to being a sucker for a novel with a bit of romance. Good for you! But, come on, every so often who can resist a boy-meets girl, sappy, yet adorably sweet Chick-Lit that could keep you up to the late hours of the evening?

Life Lessons


You might not believe me when I say this. Chick-Lit is generally lighthearted and funny. But, when you pick a darn good one it will hit you with good life- lessons about family, friends, chasing your dreams and love. See, I bet you were not expecting that.


Pretty Covers



Seriously, Chick-Lit book covers need to stop being so pretty. People always say, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ and be sure to read the blurb. All that logic almost goes out the window when I see a Chick-Lit novel. The covers are like  delicious pieces of cake. You don’t have to know the ingredients; if it looks good, it is going straight to your tummy. Well, if it is Chick-Lit and it looks good, it is going straight to my shelve. P.s: obviously read the blurb too just in case.

Because This Article Told You To

After reading this you have now realised what a fool you have been for not reading Chick-Lit very often. Now, go on, read a Chick-Lit.


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Published by Chermaine Sowah