Handmade artisan art is dying out due to the establishment of large factories that mass produce products and so there becomes a dire need to revive it through public support. For almost every product you buy, there is a handmade option available. While handmade decor items and paper products are quite popular, there are other products such as handmade artisan skincare, handmade organic cosmetics, jewellery and food items that need a little more attention since they get ignored due to their high prices.

However, the high prices are proven to be a smart investment in more than one way.

Here are some of the reasons for you to choose handmade products and support handmade crafts and skills:

  1. Uniqueness in Every Product
    Since handmade products are prepared and carved manually, each product is different. The angle of carving, environment, the mood of the artist, and so many other personal factors affect the final outcome of the product, which makes each one unique. Each product is filled with the artist’s love and passion, so you will be buying an exclusive product each time you decide to opt for a handmade product.   

  2. Environmentally Sustainable Option
    Most handmade products are environmentally sustainable since their carbon footprint from pre to post usage is minimal. The organic raw materials require minimum carbon energy to extract and prepare to manufacture the product. Moreover, since they are made from organic materials, their disposal is easier and does not harm the soil or water. Additionally, most handmade products come in eco-friendly packagings, such as glass jars, cardboard boxes and paper which are biodegradable and recyclable and thus they make for the most ecological option.

  3. Tailored Products
    Factory manufactured products have little to no scope of personal customization in the products. However, since handmade products are made individually by the artisans, there are very high chances that you can get a product tailored specifically for your needs without having to order such high quantities of it. For example, if you are vegan and want to use only vegan skincare, you can ask the artisans to make handmade vegan soaps or shampoo or any other skincare or cosmetic using raw materials suited to you.

  4. Health Oriented Products
    Most handmade products, whether it’s skincare, food items or any other product, are made of organic products and are free from harsh chemicals. Thus, consuming and using handmade products is a healthier choice and a good investment. Non-toxic handmade skincare products are becoming increasingly popular for this particular reason. The increasing number of skin problems reported due to toxic chemicals found in skincare and cosmetics is alarming and a greater awareness of this has encouraged customers to buy handmade organic products.

  5. Promotes the Growth of Art and Artisans
    Everytime you buy a handmade product, you are contributing to that particular craft. More people buying handmade products simply translates as support for the art and artisans both economically as well as morally. No one would want their beloved creations to be sitting in boxes, never seeing light through usage and so the sale of each handmade product motivates the artist to work their skills and keep the beautiful art alive.


Packed with nutritious elements and feelings of love, care, and passion, handmade products are not only great for personal use but also make for a well-thought gift. Since each product is made individually and not mass produced, every time you buy a handmade product, you bring home a unique piece of art reflecting an individual artisan. Each product creates a connection between you and the artisan who made it. So invest today in handmade products and support your local artisans and their beautiful hand crafts.


Published by Evie Mills