The wedding bells are ringing and the ‘I do’ day is right around the corner. During that pre-wedding period, brides and her team usually need all the help they need for the preparation. Attending a wedding fair is the answer.

In short, wedding fairs are events where brides can get inspiration for their wedding. They can find anything from fashion shows to expert advice and everything in between. But as we mentioned, the main goal is the inspiration.

If you’re still doubting whether this is right up your alley, we have you covered. What follows are the top reasons why you should visit an event like this!

5 Reasons for Visiting a Wedding Fair

1. Meet Prospective Suppliers

Fairs of this type bring together all types of vendors aka suppliers for the big day. So, when you make the first contact with them, you may like their openness or reliability or devotion. And you may end up hiring one.

For instance, if you haven’t found an invitation designer yet, you may focus on finding one there.

2. Learn What’s In

Like with everything, there are trends in the wedding industry as well. And fairs are the place where you can familiarize yourself with what’s new and in. You get a chance to see what’s current for this season or even for next year. Don’t hesitate to ask the vendors about these things, too.

3. Get Discounts and Free Stuff

Usually, at these happenings, there are tons of services and products at lower prices. An example is wedding venues that may come at a discount. Also, you may be lucky enough to get a freebie. There even may be giveaways like honeymoon giveaways or similar.

4. Check out the Dresses

Nothing screams ‘wedding’ than a nice, white gown. Dress exhibits or runway shows are a common aspect. It’s the perfect time for designers to showcase their best works to future brides. And who knows, you may even pick your dress there. If you haven’t already, that is.

5. Talk to Experts

It’s a compelling idea to look for some wedding experts for professional help during the fair. From leaders in the field to uprising talents, there are plenty of individuals who know this business. A pro tip is to look for big fairs that even attract international experts.

Additional Tips

  • Bring only the people who are excited to come and can help you make the decision. That may include the partner, the parents, best friends, etc.
  • Practice chatting with vendors and suppliers beforehand
  • Feel free to ask what interests you
  • Put on comfortable shoes
  • Bring a camera with you to snap something that catches your eye. You may also take notes so that you won’t forget.
  • Remember to have fun


Wedding fairs can be fun as well as tiring events. However, they’re something every bride needs so that she’s ready for the most important day in her life.

What do you reckon? Would you like to visit a wedding fair? Share your thoughts with us!

Published by Eric Foley