An apartment or a flat is a great living option in the current world. The system of buying and living in big bungalows/houses has been disappearing as there is not enough space to build such houses. The big cities are all into creating a residential building with huge apartments and flats.

And these apartments/flats are a great accommodation for anyone: be it a student, a bachelor or even a person with family as there are so many options to choose from. From a bachelor’s apartment to a studio one, from 1 BHK to 4BHK there are a lot of options. Also, they are less expensive, have awesome amenities and are easy to maintain.

Even if you find a place where you can construct your own house living in an apartment is still better. Below you can read some of the many reasons that will enlighten you about the importance of living in flat/apartments.

Here are 5 reasons you should choose flats or apartments to live in:

1. Apartments/flats are built in god locations

An apartment or a flat are usually built in a place that is central to everything else. The location is such that you can find stores, malls, hospital, and offices in close proximities. The base of the apartment is a great location which is safe, good or at least near to urban settings. While looking for flats in Jaipur, my main focus was on Malviya Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Raja Park, etc. And there were awesome apartments in these locations.

The single house owners face these problems in a greater quantity than the apartment owner. Also, the price/rent is generally reasonable because of all these amenities.

A centrally located apartment is a blessing in disguise, and you should definitely start saving for one of your own.

2. Safe and secure

The apartments/flats are a part of the building in a whole, which is divided into different sections having lots of residents that will bear the expense of the security set up by the builder making it less expensive. Whereas a resident of a house will have to bear the burden of cameras and a security guard on his own.

In flats, the owner (manager of the building) usually has a guard or two at all the doors, and there is also a record of people going in and out. Almost all residential complexes has multiple entries, and doors fully equipped with cameras.

Moreover, every house has an electric peephole provided, which helps to keep strangers away. Additional cameras can also be installed in the house as well as lifts (many buildings already have this feature).

It is true that even apartments are prone to crimes, but this improved security makes it a little safer especially for kids.

3. Maintenance and commitments

For students or people living on rent, apartments are a great option as they have flexible commitments. If you are looking for a house to purchase, and want a contract for just a year, the flat owner will oblige, and you can get a fully or half furnished house. Even for students that have only 6 months left of their course apartments are a great choice as you have the freedom to move out anytime while giving a proper notice.

If the apartment has any issues like dishwasher not working or plumbing issues, you can just contact the maintenance department to come over, and fix it without much additional cost. But the same can’t be said for single houses.

4. Utilities cost is lower and amenities

An Apartment has a pool, garden and park for kids, gym and a banquet for small functions. You may give a small price for this in the beginning, but you reap its benefits for so long. While in a house, you may have to build a pool or gym adding to the cost.

Also, in the flat, you will pay less for some utilities like the gas or water as it is shared. You may pay a little amount for lawn care or parking space, but it is still reasonable.

5. Communication and cost

The apartment/flat are cost-effective as most of the process for the amenities provided are shared thus not burdening any one person.  If you are renting an apartment, you are also free of any expenditure done on the repairs. The best part about living in an apartment/flat is that you have so many people to talk and communicate with. The building as a whole celebrate many festivals together thus creates many relationships and friendships.

These are the few reasons that make me love the apartment setting a bit more, tell me if I miss any points, and why you love to live in an apartment or a flat?

Published by Joseph Nicholls