Uganda is undeniably the pearl of Africa for many reasons. This spectacular country offers almost all that Africa offers to the world. It is popular for its varied experiences which amaze its travelers with lifetime memories right from the spectacular series, primates, wildlife to humble people. If you are planning to spend your next vacation in Uganda, expect a lot more and you won’t be bored while on a safari in Uganda.

Below are some of the remarkable things to enrich your experience in Uganda

Wildlife safaris

Most of safaris in Uganda largely depend on wildlife encounters in the national parks. There are 10 spectacular national parks in this remarkable country and all of which feature distinct attractions for visitors to explore and discover while on their safari. For lifetime wildlife safaris, Uganda is known for its amazing big five game which mainly include the African lions as well as the rare tree climbing lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes and rhinos as well as variety of savanna grassland wildlife specie that will reward you with the most thrilling encounters while on safari in Africa. Wildlife encounters are usually conducted while on game drives for savanna grassland species and launch cruises for aquatic life like hippos, crocodiles and water bird species.

Adrenalin adventures in Jinja

If you are looking for the most breathtaking adventures, then look no further than the source of the mighty Nile. Jinja is undeniably a capital of adrenaline adventures in East Africa. If you are adventure enthusiast then try out white water rafting, quad biking, horse back rides, sport fishing, sunset cruises on the Nile, cycling, bungee jumping, kayaking and many more. This magical town is just 2 hours’ drive off Kampala city center, east of Uganda.

Cultural experiences

While this magical destination is famous for its unique wildlife species, undertaking a cultural encounter in one of the local communities is one of the most thrilling experiences that shouldn’t miss out in your bucket list. Uganda is known for its unique traditional and cultural practices that reward visitors with authentic African experiences. While on cultural safari in Uganda, never miss the amazing sounds of the drums and other traditional instruments. Besides, catch a glimpse at most of crafts along the way, jewelry, baskets, weaving, batiks, carvings and many others. Uganda’s cultural encounters entirely involve putting hands into use meaning it is a great opportunity for you to learn practically how to make what Ugandans offer to the world market as part of their cultural and traditional items. While on safari to one of the national parks, never miss to visit one of the craft shops. Besides, you can also pay a visit to one of the villages around the park to learn more about their cultures. You can also engage in food preparation where you will learn how the local dishes or traditional food are prepared. With over 60 different tribes, Uganda is undeniably the melting pot of cultures and heritage. If you are planning to track mountain gorillas in Uganda, never miss to visit the Batwa pygmies the renowned forest dwellers, who lived harmoniously with the forest for more than 500000 years. Other cultural encounters include the Imbalu circumcision ceremony; visit the Kasubi tombs, Ndere cultural center and many more that will reward you with authentic African experiences.

 Primate adventures

Primate adventures are among the very few most thrilling experiences that shouldn’t miss out in your travel plan. While planning to travel to Uganda, the prominent adventures include mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park where over 480 individuals of the rare mountain gorillas thrive and permits are sold at $600.

You can also engage in chimpanzee trekking or chimpanzee habituation experience. Uganda refuges more than 5000 chimpanzees and they thrive in various parts of the country with over 1500 of them thriving in Kibale Forest National Park. Other areas include Budongo Forest Reserve, Kalinzu Forest Reserve, Kyambura Gorge, Semuliki National Park and many more. There is also golden monkey trekking which is conducted in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Visit the Uganda’s incredible islands

Besides wildlife experience, Uganda also offers visitors a chance to explore in depth more about its remarkable islands. Whereas Uganda is a landlocked country, it still refuges the most hidden tropical islands that worth exploring while on safari in Africa and most of them include the magical Ssese Islands that make over 84 islands in total. They are perfect for visitor relaxation and chilling as they come with beautiful beaches and you can also go for sport fishing, biking, taste the fresh fish, swim in Lake Victoria one of the famous largest fresh water bodies in Africa. The other incredible site is Lake Bunyonyi which comes with over 29 distinct islands that are worth exploring while on safari in Uganda.

In conclusion, Uganda is remarkably a destination full of natural treasures that are worth exploring while you are on safari in Africa. With the above listed things, we believe that you will be enriched with what this country holds for its world travelers and at the end of the day, you will be thrilled with lifetime experiences right from its wildlife, primates, water bodies to cultural encounters.

Published by Emily Rose