1. Love yourself
  2. Do good
  3. Always forgive
  4. Harm no one 
  5. Be positive 

Love yourself because if you don’t love yourself what makes you think anyone else would? Never talk down on yourself, be confident and those that are meant to be apart of your life will be because they admire the person you are. 

Do good because not only will it make you feel happier doing good, but good things will come back to you. Do good even when no one is watching because eventually you will be acknowledged for your kind action by someone.

Always forgive because holding grudges is only poison to yourself. Forgive others like you would want to be forgiven. A genuine smile can forgive and forget any painful memories or moments. Forgiveness is a choice, whether if the other person asks for forgiveness or not, it is up to you to forgive them for their actions. 

Harm no one. Violence and rage does not make one more of a man. A wise humble man or woman knows how to control their emotions and actions no matter the situation. It won't be easy but living a life full of regrets caused by rash behaviors is a path you do not want to walk. 

Be positive because your thoughts become reality. Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it faith, feed it truth, feed it with love. People tend to surround themselves with those that are optimistic and are enjoyable to be around. Do not let negativity affect you from opportunities of meeting new people and losing close friends and family. 


Published by daniel lee