There is nothing more worthy than friendship. Through thick and thin, good friends stay together. If you have a problem, all you need is a friend. You can be formal with anybody in the world except your friends. In an instant, someone or the other says something to crack everyone up and the moments keep on collecting, keeping the bond alive, always and forever. Friends do not judge you based on your looks, your financials, or your habits. They accept you for who you are and are the strongest pillar of support that you will find in your entire life. They know where you lack and where you stand but you can always count on them for a shoulder to cry on or an ear to talk to.

But there are a lot of people who find it hard to maintain friendships. They have issues with their friends which then turn into arguments. When two friends are pit against each other, no matter how much they make it up to each other, somewhere in the back of the mind, a feeling of indifference arises and it breaks the friendship. Sometimes, such issues are inevitable. But there are times when they can be avoided and the friendship can be saved.

Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that your friendship does not suffer from the ups-and-downs of life in a permanent fashion:

#Treat each other as equals:

This is the golden rule in every friendship. No matter how successful you become in life, you cannot treat your friends as if they are below you. You have to treat them with the same kindness and respect that you expect from them.

#Be Understanding:

We are all human and make mistakes. This does not mean that we forget all the love and trust between us and bring an ego to the equation. We should understand each other’s flaws and quirks. After all, if Leonard Hofstadter can learn to live with a friend like Sheldon Cooper, anything is possible.


There are rough patches in everyone’s life and sometimes all of us need to vent out by fighting. The best of friends argue but that lasts temporarily and after some time, all things return to normal. After the argument, you should give each other some space and time to cool down and then understand the position that your friend was in. For a moment, stand in their shoes and understand their situation. Talk things out.

#Be Respectful:

There is a common misconception that friendships do not require you to be respectful of each other. Sure, some people show their love by roasting you, but there is a limit to that too. You cannot cross the limits and then just say that it was all in good fun. You should be considerate of each other’s feelings. Greet each other when you meet and even when you do not meet. You can find some great Greetings for Mornings here to brighten up your morning with some good inspiration.

#Be Trustworthy:

Friendship is based on trust. If that is lost, there is nothing left to work on. You should always keep your friends' secrets regardless of the speaking terms. Betrayal has no place in friendship and you should not tell your friends’ secrets even to people that you can trust.


Published by scott jack