1. Eye contact: This is one is really important. By eye contact, I mean eyes and not eye contact with your body below eye level. If he is really into you, he will look into your eyes and you'd feel like no one or nothing else around you matters.

2. Touch: This one is as important as the eye contact. Now, be careful with this one, there is a difference between a man who just touches you after a few drinks and a gentleman who find the perfect moment to put his arm around you. The gentleman will first try and see if you feel comfortable with his hand around your shoulder before insisting on further tactile contact. Although, this will tell you how he feels, be careful with this one.

3. Attention towards you: Alright, have you ever been telling your boyfriend/partner a story and once you were done with it you realised that the person wasn't listening to you at all? He probably wasn't that much into you (apologies for the heartbreak) but if a guy is into you, he will take his time to pay attention to everything you say, what you wear and how you are around him. These details matter to man that is into you, so remember  that next time you are on a date.

4. The awkward moment when the bill arrives: This is by far the most awkward moment in the date when the bill arrives and you blankly stare at each other. If a guy really likes you he'd probably insist on paying for you, this is a nice gesture and attention - so as a lady show some appreciation and let the guy know you are having a good time. However, don't expect him to pay all the time, and don't expect his attention towards you to be shown in the number of gifts. Remember for some men money is just a tool to buy off things for girls...is that really what you would like? If any doubts, refer to point 3.

5. Excuses:  If he likes you, he won't make any. It is that simple.

Published by Karina Saakyan