Being friend-zoned sucks. There is no doubt about that. When this happens to you, you might not see a way out of your situation.

Having this girl in your life and being her friend is just hurting you more and more. Seeing her all the time and not being able to kiss her is devastating. Talking to her every day without being able to come clean about your feelings breaks your heart all over again.

You are scared that you’ll lose her completely if you confess your feelings for her, and on the other hand, you would like to give it a try because you are not sure whether or not you have a chance.

At the same time, you assume that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for you. If this is the case, you know that the best thing is to cut her off for good. But before you do anything radical, you need to make sure you really are stuck in the friendzone.

Check out these 5 ‘stuck in the friendzone’ signs, so you can make your best decision.

#1. She talks to you about other guys

One of the first surefire signs that you are stuck in the friendzone is the fact that this girl you have a crush on talks to you about other guys. She tells you about her crushes, about her dating life and sometimes she even mentions what great sex she had.

Yes, there is a possibility that she is waiting for your reaction when she talks to you about other guys in her life. And I know that this is something you want to believe in.

But the harsh truth is that she is probably not trying to make you jealous. The harsh truth is that this girl thinks of you as her shoulder to cry on, and that is the reason she often seeks your advice when it comes to her relationship problems.

All of this can only mean one thing—she doesn’t see you as boyfriend material, and you are nothing more than a friend to her.

#2. She calls you “bro” or acts like you are one of the girls

When this girl posts a picture of the two of you on her social media, she always writes that you are her “brother from another mother” or a “bro”. She really does treat you like a family member which means she obviously cares about you deeply, and you are an important part of her life.

Another sign that you’ve been put in the friendzone is that the woman of your dreams treats you as if you were one of the girls.

She talks to you about makeup and clothes, and she calls you to hang out with her and her girlfriends. This means that she obviously doesn’t see you as a man and as a sexual being. 

#3. She doesn't care how she looks in front of you

When a girl likes a guy, she will do everything in her power to look her best in front of him. On the other hand, when she doesn’t have any romantic ambitions towards this man, she probably won’t care even if he sees her wearing her pajamas.

This girl is the same. She doesn’t mind if you see her crying, and she doesn’t mind if she embarrasses herself in front of you.

I am not trying to tell you that all girls are the same because there are some who like to be relaxed in front of their crushes. But if she doesn’t put even the slightest effort into showing you her feminine traits, there is no doubt that you are stuck in the friendzone.

#4. There is no physical contact

One of the first signs of someone’s romantic feelings is their nonverbal gestures. No matter how much we try to hide it, we simply can’t control ourselves when we are around the object of our affection.

This means that you’ll probably try to use every opportunity to touch the one you are attracted to. You’ll stare at her and try to make eye contact. If nothing else, you’ll always do your best to be physically near her.

Girls behave pretty much the same when it comes to these things. They will smile at you without any particular reason or touch your hand accidentally when they talk to you. If this girl never initiates any form of physical contact, it is more than clear that she is not attracted to you.

#5. She calls you only when she needs you

When a girl friendzones you, it is possible that she’ll try to take advantage of your kindness towards her, even if she is not aware of doing something like this.

Sometimes you get the impression that she is playing with you because there are times when she is constantly talking to you and wants to see you. On the other hand, there are times when she simply vanishes from your life.

Well, one thing is clear—if she does this, she is leading you on and wants to make you worry about losing her because she enjoys the attention and the love you are giving her.

This girl obviously calls you only when she needs you. She always expects you to be there for her, but when you are the one who wants to rely on her, she is nowhere to be found.

Published by will Ent