Why you reading this?

Maybe because you didn't passed your Science subject?

You want to expand your study style?


You want to have an A+ on your card?

Basically, as a student, we all want what is best for us. We want to achieve our goals ,to finally achieve what we want.

But it comes to the circumstances that we lost hope.

We just look at our card and saw the F.

No one likes to see that right?


Here, I have packed you some study tips that I use when I have a test, quiz, seat work, or anything related to those.

(I am no pro in giving these tips, I am just sharing you what I use to not have a F in my grade card. I am sharing you the tips I used.)

1.Use Flashcards in memorizing terms and definitions- this my favorite and its probably the fun way to learn and memorize terms. You can use index cards (like what I use) to be your flashcards, or  you can cut squares, rectangles from any hard paper surface. But I recommend you to use index cards.

P.S. I'm currently using this method in memorizing the periodic table of elements. (details of each certain element.)

2. Make summaries of the textbook or lesson you're reviewing. - I guess you know what  I really mean right? That you must make a summary of the lesson,page,or chapter you are reviewing.  Make your reading in a short way, like probably make it in an easy way. This is not the sign of being lazy. This is how you can understand the lesson you're reviewing to have a highest score on the test. What's the use of reading the whole textbook if each of the  words doesn't stay at your mind? Like you feel dizzy since you're reading senseless words? So I recommend you to make a summary by writing the important terms related to the test you'll have.

3. Be motivated- I guess we already talked about this on my previous post right? So always be motivated and ready to study.

4. Stay organized- staying organized can you lead you to many positive traits like tip 3,  and peace of mind. With those traits, you're now ready to study!

5. Make your reviewer essentials colorful and readable to the brain.- Basically, our brain responses to colors they see when reading. When I tried using this tip this was effective and really cool. It opened a door for me to easier memorize terms and definitions.

Did I missed some tips?

Comment them below and I can add them on my next blog entry at my main blog.

Have a great day!

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