If your big day is coming up and you don’t really know what kind of wedding décor you’d like to go for, you don’t have to worry at all because we’re here to help you out! Outdoor weddings are a huge hit nowadays, so stay with us and keep on reading if you want to learn more about five stylish outdoor wedding party ideas. Check them out and enjoy!


Bring the indoors out

Even though outdoor weddings are known for their unique setting, you can definitely give your big day a little twist by bringing the indoors out. And what does that mean? Well, this means that you should opt for pieces of furniture that are most commonly found inside of the house, like old-school armchairs, cozy love seats, coffee tables, ottomans, and extra pillows and blankets, and take them outdoors. Incorporating these into your overall wedding décor is one of the best ways to make your guests feel extra comfortable, so add such a vibe to your wedding venue and everyone will undoubtedly love it!



You won’t make a mistake with luxurious lighting installations

The same goes for luxurious lighting installations, as these will inevitably contribute to a more enchanting atmosphere and a more inviting setting. Besides that, suspended lighting will also make an open-air venue look and feel more intimate, which is exactly why you should opt for it. You can always go for fabulous crystal chandeliers and gold-toned candelabras that will find their place on every table. Of course, string lights are also highly required, especially if the ceremony is going to take place after sunset. These will add a boho vibe to your wedding theme, which is a lot of brides absolutely adore.


A bar on wheels? Why not!

Bars on wheels have become a huge hit over the last couple of years, and reasons for that are more than good. First of all, the fact that they are portable is exactly what makes them so handy and practical. Apart from that, these are extremely stylish, too – can you imagine a minivan that serves prosecco, craft beer, and all kinds of fabulous cocktails? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get! If that’s your cup of tea and you want your wedding to be as authentic and original as possible, you should definitely opt for a kombi hire that will make all your dreams come true – at least when speaking of this aspect of your big day!


Nature-inspired cakes are a huge must…

As outdoor weddings, obviously, take part in the open-air space, we can surely say that nature plays a huge role in the wedding décor – which is often the case with the wedding cake as well. If that’s your idea of a perfectly stylish nature-inspired cake, you should show a picture of your wedding venue to your baker and see which ideas will come of it. Faux moss, fondant mountain range, and airbrushed ferns will certainly do the trick, as well as brown sugar cane masquerading as beach sand. More and more bakers these days use the real, freshly picked flowers to decorate the cake, which can look quite stunning and elegant, too.


As well as incorporating your surroundings into the overall décor

Speaking of nature and incorporating its elements into your wedding décor, we mustn’t forget to mention your surroundings that can be a huge part of your wedding decoration. For example, trees have always been a huge part of outdoor weddings, as these provide a unique backdrop you mustn’t overlook. For example, you can drape some luxurious fabric over their branches and match them with elegant string lights that will contribute to the final result even more. If there’s a small pond nearby, you can also fill with adorable floating candles, or turn an ordinary picket fence into an authentic escort board. The possibilities are truly infinite, so think thoroughly and use everything you can in a wise and stylish way.



As you can see, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration while making plans for your big day. If you want to keep it classy and stylish, just be sure to stick to our tips and you surely won’t make a mistake!

Published by Victoria Lim