Hii guys!!! so I decided to share the 5 things I always have on check for summer....summer is summer and it is basically the hottest period of the year, so there are some basic stuff needed in all our closet. But I would just be doing a review on 5.

1st would be the "SUNGLASSES


we basically need this..i think its my number 1 on the list, no need for much stories but I am sure we all know the relevance.

my number 2 would be "CONVERSES OR SNEAKERS


well a white sneaker would do just fine, because it always suits whatever outfit.

the 3rd would be "DENIM"


to me denim is a summer outfit that never losses its use...I call it my "outfit saver"(lol) it could serve as a top or jacket. Its really a go for me.

the 4th would be a "BUMSHORT"


for a really cute summer out fit, this would do.

finally "A BIKINI"


yea..there are other stuff we all still need for summer, but these are my top 5... So feel free to leave a comment below sharing your own "summer must have".....X





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