Happy Thursday y'all! I hope you are having a great day.

Since summer is in full swing, it's the perfect time for a small change-up in your wardrobe to accommodate the warmer months. Today I'm sharing my top 5 trends to make this Summer your most fashionable ever! I hope you guys like them as much as I do!

Body Chains//

I'm a fan of body chains! Whether you're wearing a swimsuit, a bare back top, a crop top, or a low cut blouse, this body jewelry will change your look from boring to sexy! 

Lace Up Tops//

I've spotted these tops on fashion bloggers, celebrities and Youtubers. It seems like lace tops are everywhere. They’re sexy, they’re comfortable, and they have a very trendy vibe about them. I just love them!

Flash Tattoos//

Summer is the perfect time to play with rings and flash tattoos! They are perfect for this season! They're definitely on my wishlist.


Lately, I've been loving these sandals so much! Gladiators are extremely popular right now. They just give out that old Greek's spirit to any outfit. 

Choker Necklace//

And last but not least, the choker necklace! I know it's been a while since it's back, but the choker necklace is one of my favorite accessories. Choker necklaces add a little bit of edginess (in a sexy way) to your look! 

What are some of your favorite trends for this summer? Let me know in the comment! I love hearing from you.

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Until next time!
Love, MN


Published by Marilyn Nassar