Ah, weddings. Such a happy occasion! The entire wedding process brings plenty of emotions to the bride and groom - happiness being the strongest one of all, but there can also be a sense of sadness and anxiety to some.

If you are one of the brides-to-be, here’s what you should do before your very own special day!

Throw a Hens Party

The grooms are going to throw a bachelor party before their wedding, celebrating their last few days of being a bachelor. Brides shouldn’t miss out on their own hen’s night either!

Get your best girlfriends together for a fun, potentially naughty night. Bring in the wine, get comfy in the location of your choice - it can be in a simple home you rent for a night with your girls - and get gossipping!

This hen’s party is all about you, so be sure that you’re doing what you love. You can get a best friend to organise this hen’s party for you and come up with some good hen’s party ideas, or you can organise your own and invite the special friends in your life.

Take a Weekend Holiday with a Close Friend

It might be a good idea to be away from the groom for a little bit before the wedding if you are feeling anxious. Who else better to share your wedding thoughts with other than with your own close friend?

If you have any wedding anxiety, your best friend is going to get it.

Relieve your stress, excitement and worries with your close friend on your weekend getaway. Let her pamper you up with spa sessions, nightcaps, a treat to the message centre and many more. Getting this stress relief will help with your bridezilla moments… if you have them!

This does not need to be pricey - you can just stay over at your friend’s house for a weekend, or head to a nice resort nearby where you can relax to your heart’s content.

Go Shopping

You’re going to want to look your best for the wedding, but think of the honeymoon trip you’re going on as well! Shopping is an essential activity for most bride-to-be’s, simply for the stress relief, a shopping spree proves to be.

Shop for some nice outfits that you can wear during your honeymoon trip before you get married. This would also be a great time to purchase a new nightgown or lingerie if you are planning to surprise your Mr. Right.

As a side bonus, there’s plenty of gifts and decoration items that you can bring home after you’re done shopping.

Spend Time with Family

Tick tock, time’s ticking! There’s only a short amount of time left for you to keep your maiden name. After you are married, you are officially part of your own family, so you should spend some time with your parents and your siblings.

Your parents know you best - let them comfort you and shower you with love and affection before you are officially someone else’s Mrs Right.

Even older relatives may offer you advice for your wedding and marriage, so you can seek them out if you are looking for some helpful tips.

To add on, your family members are going to be emotional about you being wedded off, having watched you grow up into the lady that you are going to be on your wedding day.

Offer them some solace and love just as how they have cared for you the past years!

Write or Keep a Journal or Scrapbook of Events

Should the wedding journey be a little too overwhelming for you, try keeping a bridal journal to keep track of your moods throughout the day. By recording your mood and feelings, you will be able to keep track of what matters most for you.

The best part? You can look back at the bridal journal when the entire process is done with and smile, knowing that you have successfully planned and executed one of the most important life events that you are going to have.

Decorating your bridal journal or scrapbook can also be a fun activity to fill up your time with if you are unable to relax late at night.

It won’t hurt giving this activity a try, so why not get started with yours today?

Published by Mary Charli