What’s your backstory?


I’m an international personal branding and storytelling coach for entrepreneurs and I’m on a mission to help people find their purpose, share their message and make the world a better place.

As a kid I was always an outsider, even though I was socially extroverted I never felt like I belonged anywhere. I had this weird desire to always become more, achieve more and experience more.

I went on to turn down job titles and promotions, dropped out of business university and started from zero, built my own business through social media and that’s where I made my first $100,000 following my passion and sharing my message.

I’ve so far helped 1000’s of impact-driven entrepreneurs and business owners scale ethically using social media. That’s when I realised all you need is to master ONE thing and find a problem you can solve within that industry.


What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why.


Great question!


#1. Always follow your passion before the money


This was the single reason I had the patience to hustle for 9 months studying, reading books, watching how-to videos on youtube and sacrificing everything else, giving up my free-time for my vision, because I loved what I was doing.


#2. Failure is a good thing


I’ve never learned as much as when going through tough times. There are so many lessons in “failure” which is why I barely want to call it failures. If you want to succeed, in anything in life, just go out there, try things and never be afraid to fail 90% of the times to succeed 10% of the time. As time goes on, you’ll get better and better and as long as you’re hungry for growth you’ll always find a way at last.


#3. Get a mentor


Find someone who’s done what you’re trying to do, model after him and implement what he’s teaching you. By doing that, you can cut the learning curve and get results up to 10X faster than if you had to do it all by yourself. Knowledge and mentors are the only “shortcuts” to success.


#4. Be crazy enough to try


Sometimes we just gotta be crazy enough to try new stuff. To go on that adventure in life. I think most people settle and become comfortable instead of seeking new challenges, new opportunities and allowing themselves to try the things they want in life.


#5. You’ll feel alone


BY FAR THE BIGGEST STRUGGLE FOR ME. So imagine this… You just got married. Excited for the future you go on this journey together and expect life to be perfect for the rest of times.

Then you start a business. And things get hard.

Then people start doubting you, looking at you like you’re crazy. Like you’re silly for thinking you’d have a chance of accomplishing things you’ve never done before.

Now, remember… They look at you from their point-of-view. Not just from your situation, but their entire life experience. So when they see you doing something they haven’t, or maybe even would want to, they’ll feel uncomfortable.

For them, it’d be easier if you just stuck to the “safe things” in life. Don’t cause any nervous moments, risky businesses, adventures trips across the globe, the list goes on.

I think for me, the low-point was when most friends, family, parents and pretty much 99% of everyone I knew, looked at me like I’m crazy. Some calling me names, others looking at me like I’m done.

Some literally calling my wife, trying to support her when “I couldn’t”.

I was supposed to be the man. The man in the relationship.

The man who supplied whatever was necessary. Well, it didn’t happen… for the first year.

Eventually though, things took off, and I started providing for my wife and by now she’s full-time home with our 1 year old baby, and those who doubted me before now calls me for advice.

Not bragging, just hope to inspire you with this.

People won’t support you, at least not the way you want them too.

But remember, they do it all from love. They want you to be “safe.” Whatever that is.

What you can do is this, get alone and make sure you don’t spend a lot of time around them.

Watch your circle closely. Spend your energy on positive influence to make your day easier and better.

You’ll realize it will make a huge difference in all you do.


Published by Asheer Raza