With the New Year quickly approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot not just about my goals and intentions for the next year, but also the things that I’d like to leave behind in 2016.  Here, I’ve compiled a list of five things I’m putting in the rearview mirror (in no particular order), and I encourage you to do the same!

  1. My overly-modest and humble attitude: Sure, you don’t want to be a total braggart, but it is completely okay – and even healthy – to acknowledge your accomplishments and celebrate your strengths.  I, just like many other people, am guilty of downplaying and dismissing my accomplishments and positive traits, and I want 2017 to be the year of celebrating myself.
  2. My fear of rejection: Everyone knows that rejection isn’t fun or desirable, but it’s part of life.  I tend to tiptoe around problems and refuse to ask for anything out of fear of rejection, but really, it’s inevitable and part of the process of learning and growing.  In 2017, I’ll learn to ask for what I want and need without fear or guilt.
  3. My fear of letting go: Being uptight isn’t fun or healthy. This year, I’ve begun to allow myself to let go and just live a little, and it feels amazing.  In 2017, I’m going to give myself permission to have fun, make mistakes, and learn in the process.
  4. Extra and misplaced anger: Sometimes, I notice that I’m carrying around a certain anger that isn’t necessarily caused by anything or directed towards anyone or anything, or maybe it’s caused by something that has long been resolved.  It serves no purpose other than weighing me down, and I’m ready to finally drop all that extra baggage and leave it behind in 2016.
  5. Broken and Long-Gone Relationships: Whether it’s a friendship, romantic relationship, etc., we all lose relationships with people – and that’s okay.  Rather than dwelling on lost relationships, I will leave them in the dust and make new ones in 2017 – what better time to start with a clean slate than New Year’s?

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Published by Jasmine Uitto