Who says that older brothers are good at teaching us, their “little ones”, only bad things ?!
If there’s one thing I’m being completely sure of, is that,that is a complete and total understatement. It’s not entirely true. There’s no other relationship in the world that could actually teach you things that will help you later in life than the one with your older brother/sister.
It is true that, sometimes the lectures we may be getting from our older siblings won’t exactly about good things and good deeds and most of the times the little brother/sister is going to be the one who gets grounded for misbehaving,but still we learn something from that,too.

  1. What unconditional love really is. This is something you can learn from your mother too ( in some cases). He used to watch over when I was still laying in my little baby crib, all tucked in my fluffy orange blanket. Every time I would bump my pacifier, he’d be there giving it back to me.

  2. That no distance can make us grow apart. While we grew in separate places,that only made us grow stronger and be more inseparable. That also made us appreciate our time together even more.I remember that one time when my dad bought me a Christmas tree, he’d asked me “Guess who’s here?” and my instant reply was ( and I’m not lying) “Is it my brother?”.Don’t get me wrong on the following,but…I treasure my brother most than a silly tree. I was very disappointed to see that it was actually a tree and not him. That quite brought tears into my eyes and it still does,even now as I’m writing this down.

  3. He taught me how to defend/protect myself. Yes,that includes fighting and only fighting. That usually took place mostly when we were fighting in the living room and the only thing that could make us stop (for a little while,it’s true) was our grandma who’d threaten to tell our dad.While most of the time we would fight over literally nothing – because that’s what brothers do -, other times the fightings were meant to teach me how to protect myself.

  4. Taught me what really matters in life. While there are a lot of sayings that tell us what really matters or counts in life,not every time it means that they apply. I learned on a deep note from him that what really matters in life is to make time for the ones who care about you, to give in order to receive and that time and love are the real things that really matter.

  5. That in life anything is achievable. You have to work hard in order to achieve what you most desire. Nothing comes easy and we all know it. And besides, working hard to get what you want you also have to want it with all your heart. Ever since I’ve known myself I’ve been told that I, just like my brother, have the power,ability and talent to do whatever I desire in life. That,I am absolutely not doubting. While my brother is exceptionally good at designing things,building things and drawing,I am good at expressing myself by writing.

Published by Cristina Piciu