Are you one of the many people who, despite never having attempted it, seem to be under the assumption that standup comedy is as easy as it can get? Do you believe you have what it takes to become a standup comedian and perform your comedy in Leicester Square, just because your friends have labeled your sense of humor to be on point? Well, think again because it is anything but easy and you definitely need more than just a few jokes here.

1.      The Words of the Critics Will Take a Toll on You

How often is it that standup comedians are labeled as not being funny enough, or entertaining enough, or even smart enough, to really take on comedy? What many do not realize is that these words almost always affect the way the comedian views themselves – especially if they had a staggering sense of self to begin with.

However, this does not mean that critics should not be there at all. After all, how can you correct your shortcomings when there isn’t anyone telling you that you’re not performing as well as you can? Critics should certainly be allowed to express their concern, but one should not step onto the stage as a standup comedian if they are not strong enough to take the criticism that is bound to come their way.

Word of advice: Pay attention, but don’t pay too much attention to the critics. Smile and wave, boys!

2.      It Is Not as Easy as It Looks

There are so many people who decide to become a standup comedian simply because all these entertainers they see on TV seem to do it effortlessly. However, it is not the same for each and every person and it is also important to remember that a lot of the entertainers you see on screen have scripts that they memorize way before their time to perform. Also, half the laughs you hear on TV are recorded.

Thus, it is crucial that you always know exactly what you’re getting into no matter how much you think you know about being a standup comedian. Of course, this point is more for the novice than the expert.

3.      You Won’t Always Be Applauded

Do you love the idea of going in front of a crowd of at least a hundred people, perform in front of them to make them laugh, and come off the stage with every single one of those hundred people cheering you on? Well, there’s a high likelihood that this will not be happening on your first, third or even fifth try – unless you really are the funniest comedian around town.

However, the golden rule is to be able to focus on the few people that are applauding you, and ignoring the ones that aren’t too impressed with your performance. If you manage to train your brain to observe and pay attention to only that which is going to make you feel better about yourself, you are likely to be more successful in your journey as an entertainer than most have been in the past.

4.      You Should Definitely Opt for a Coach

A large amount of performers seem to tell the same story – that their jokes and performances are truly original and spontaneous and that they did not seek any assistance or support of performance trainers or comedy coaches. However, this is not true at all. This is just something that is told to the audience to increase one’s ratings because being self-taught is always a lot more impressive.

If you are self-taught, however, then more power to you because you do not need to seek the assistance of a coach, but if not, there is absolutely nothing wrong with opting for training classes. As a matter of fact, there are several great ones available online, such as, which not only trains the comedian on how to deliver great jokes, but also grooms them as to how they should appear on stage and how they can overcome stage fright with just a few simple steps.

The website was founded by Steve Roye in 2001, who has since then made it certain that his company is dedicated to none other than helping standup comedians perform with the utmost of ease. There are several other coaches that are just as dedicated to helping aspiring comedians become better.

5.      It’s Not the Joke, It’s How You Say It

One of the oldest tricks in the book to appear like you have a great sense of humor, is to deliver the joke in an appropriate manner. This means that if you’re going to be in a rush to get done with your joke, you are much less likely to make someone laugh because of it. Similarly, if you have a problem breathing because you’re laughing so hard, and try to tell a joke at the same time, it won’t be as funny.

You must develop a great sense of humor and become a great communicator if you truly intend to make the people around you laugh and enjoy your joke. You could be using a joke from decades ago, but if you say it in a manner that is both funny and entertaining, you are bound to be labeled as one of the best comedic personalities.

Furthermore, it is also important to stay true to yourself even if you tend to make jokes about your own life just to get a crowd cheering for you but if you happen to be suffering from mental issues, seek professional assistance at your earliest. 

Published by Whitney Morgan