The successful outcome of any surgery generally depends on the surgeon. This is often true when it comes to rhinoplasty. This cosmetic operation relies significantly on the experience and skill of the doctor performing the surgery more than anything else.


If you are planning to have a rhinoplasty, here are five things you should remember to consider when choosing your rhinoplasty surgeon:


  • Certification. Before anything else, make sure that your rhinoplasty doctor is actually board-certified. This ensures you that the doctor has received extensive training in the field and has passed rigorous tests to practice.


  • Before and after photos. This may sound vain, but successful rhinoplasty surgeons keep a record of their before and after surgical operations. This is basically a collection of photos of patients before their surgery and after the rhinoplasty. It should give you an idea of the range of modifications they can do and a vague idea of how good they are. Generally, the more drastic the change is, the more skilled the surgeon is. At the same time, the more patient photos the doctor has, the more experience he or she probably has.


  • Surgeon’s plan and willingness to listen. Surgeons, especially the more seasoned veterans usually like doing things the way they want regardless of what the patient says. Avoid these doctors. Instead, choose someone who is open to discussing different options with you – someone who is willing to follow your requests even if they have to go an extra mile just to accommodate your needs or desires. After all, you will be the one living with the results of the surgery, not them. They should at least be willing to listen to you.


  • Office or place of practice. Rhinoplasty is quite a sensitive operation. It is not some regular medical surgery and patients who usually undergo the operation are exposed to all sorts of possible trauma after the operation, including social types. So, make sure that the surgeon you will choose to perform your rhinoplasty has a good office. This means a place you can be comfortable in, with people who practice professionalism to the core and a physical clinic that is armed with a complete setup of medical equipment.


  • Golden track record of post-operation care. Rhinoplasty costs $6000 or sometimes even more, depending on the complications that present themselves per patient. It is quite expensive even though it may be routinely finished in one or two sessions. The problem is actual complications cannot be seen until after a significant amount of time has passed. You won’t be able to see the problems immediately after the operation. It is essential that the surgeon you are choosing has a proven track record of post-op care. 

They should have a solid plan for monitoring your condition way after the operation is over. After all, expert veteran surgeons understand that results may vary even between individuals who just underwent the same operation. The important thing to note is that they have a plan to monitor and address any concerns even before the operation.



Published by Joseph Nicholls