Many people are scared to go whale watching as it is a new experience for them and they are not well aware of what all it has to offer.

Whale watching is a growing activity that everyone should try. You being scared is understandable, you will be around a wild animal that’s a lot larger than all animals you’ve seen. You’re bound to be scared, but there is no need to be since whale watching is safe.

Whether you’re a part of a tour group or exploring the sea on a sole marine boat, here are 5 things to consider when whale watching:

1. Maintain A Distance

These are not dolphins we’re talking about, but whales. There’s a difference. Whales are large majestic animals who can get curious when someone tries to get close to them. The right thing to do here is to maintain a calculated distance of around 100 yards if you spot a humpback whale.

For whales bigger than the humpback, increase the distance to 500 yards because they’re spontaneous and may get curious if you’re close by.

It is better to turn your craft away if you feel a whale is closing in on you.

In the end, these are just some precautionary measures that one should take. It’s not necessary that a whale is coming to hit you but the more alert you are, the better.

2. Dress For The Occasion By Wearing Layers

It’s cold and windy when you’re out in the open waters. Also, if you’ve picked a time when the water is rough then most likely you’d be sprayed on by the waves and get soaked.

Here’s where wrapping yourself up with layers will help in keeping you safe from catching a cold and save your delightful trip from turning into a sick trip.

Also, make sure to cover all your electronic devices, unless they are waterproof.

3. Take The Side Approach

Sometimes, whales get curious when they sense something coming straight to them. Here’s where taking the side approach is safer and won’t bug off the whale or make it distressed. However, still, you need to keep your distance while you run parallel to them.

4. Limit Watching Time

Whale watching is a majestic experience. Ask anyone who pick whale watching Long Beach tours and you will understand why.

Once you catch a whale, you would want to continue to look at it, but this may not be a very good idea. The noise coming from your boat may confuse whales and deter them from searching for food.

About 30 minutes of whale watching in one go and at a single spot is more than enough. Once done, you should move to another spot.

5. Don’t Touch Or Feed Them

They are unpredictable and untamed which is why you need to avoid feeding them or trying to touch them. Remember that safety should be your priority.

The Verdict

Go whale watching today and have fun, but do not forget these important tips.

Published by sandeep Malik