When you are suffering from the pain, shock, injuries, and upset which inevitably follow any kind of personal injury you may not be in the right frame of mind to spend lots of time looking around for a reliable injury lawyer. This means it’s tempting to just look online and call the first number you see, but that would be a mistake as you could easily choose an injury lawyer who isn’t as accomplished or efficient as you would really like.

So no matter what else s going on it’s really important that you take the time to choose a really good personal Injury Lawyer – and we make that easier for you by outlining the top five things to look for to be sure you are hiring a reliable injury lawyer.

#1 - Consider their experience

You need an injury lawyer who specializes in this section of the law so they have gained plenty of valid experience. Look for a proven track record in both settlement negotiations and courtroom wins. Of course, you can’t expect any one lawyer to win 100% of the time but they should be pretty close to it.

#2 - Consider what other people think about a particular injury lawyer

If you have friends, family or acquaintances who can recommend an injury lawyer they have used then that’s a great route to go, but otherwise you need to do some research online and make use of online review sites to find somebody that ticks all the boxes that matter to you. It’s always good to look for reviews on several sites to rule out any bias.

#3 - Check out their track record

Although they probably don’t win every single case you do need to know they have won most of them, and that the settlements they achieved were on track with their goals. Look at the type of cases they do well with, does yours seem similar enough?

#4 - Pay attention to first impressions

Sure injury lawyers are busy, but that’s no excuse for rushed meetings, long delays in returning calls or emails, failing to grasp facts, or failing to both ask the right questions and then actually listen to the answers! Do not overlook this fact – the way a relationship starts signals how it will be going forward – so if you choose to overlook things at the start don’t expect them to ever improve. You deserve better than that.

#5 - Be sure about their fees

It’s pretty common for injury lawyers to charge via what is called a contingency fee method, which means they only take a fee if they win your case. Obviously, this means they must be very sure of a win before accepting a new case, so getting signed up on this basis is a positive move. However, don’t take for granted that things are this way. You should be very clear about it before agreeing to hire anyone, and also find out the policy on additional costs such as expenses and admin fees.


Published by Johanne Cosihan