After I finished high school I embarked on my first solo trip to Cambodia for a month. I'd signed up with a gap year and student travel adventure specialist (called Real Gap Experience) to volunteer as an English teacher at an orphanage in Siem Reap, and after only one month of volunteering, I feel as if my eyes were finally opened. Here is a list of things that I wish I was told before I embarked on my trip:


1)Signing up with a specialist volunteer company is fine the first time, but if you want to return to the same place, don't sign up again. 



2) Go for a longer period of time.

Sunrise at the orphanage


3) Be prepared to do more than what you signed up for.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.18.53 pm
For some reason the manager wanted to take a selfie at the hospital, which is disconcerting...


4) You will probably be pestered to donate money, to the point that you WILL get frustrated.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.20.14 pm
Bringing food to the orphanage instead


5) Try NOT to get attached to the kids.


I made the mistake of developing favourites, and while I miss them dearly, there is nothing I can do about it at this present moment :(


5) If you really want to make a difference, keep the connections and keep coming back.

Making eye masks

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