Our minds can often deceive us in how we see the world. Sometimes it can make us feel like everyone we know has just left or our life is just seemingly hopeless. Although a state of depression can make us lose all productivity and cause an extreme slump that's hard to escape from, it is possible to get out of. So here are a few things to remember whilst in this hole of sadness and despair.

1. It's okay to feel like this.

Sometimes when we are sad or feel lonely, we tend to make the mistake of thinking that we have no right to feel like this. Someone else has it worse, right? So why would I feel like this? Well, that doesn't matter because we all have our own struggles, our own story, and our own life. All feelings you feel are valid, no matter how much worse someone else could have it. It's okay to just take in the sadness for a while. You can take as much time as you need. But after you take this time, you also need to try to help yourself get over this state, which leads to the next point.

2. You still eventually need to move on with your life.

Taking some time off to get yourself together and try feeling better is a good idea, but it eventually needs to come to an end. Unfortunately, life doesn't stop for anyone. We still need to do our part in the world. So while taking a break, you can dwell in the depression for a while, but eventually you need to at least try to make yourself feel a little better. I know from experience that it's hard to do, but it's possible. Read inspiring posts or listen to music.

3. Life gets better.

I know that when you're sad like that it's hard to remember that this feeling is only temporary. This isn't forever. Everything gets better one day. Even though you feel like everything is hopeless and there is no way out, it will get better. One day, you will find someone who loves you very much or you will get a job that you wake up and get excited to go out and do(unless you're like me and your job doesn't involve leaving the house). Everything will be what you want it to be one day. Even if today isn't that day, it's okay. Be patient. Patience is one of the hardest things to have in a time of suffering, but it's key in this situation.

4. You are doing absolutely amazing right now.

While you may be struggling, that doesn't mean you aren't doing great. As long as you are here on this earth still, you are perfect. And also remember you could be doing worse. But just because you aren't in the worst case scenario, doesn't mean you aren't allowed to feel this way. You may find that I'll say this a lot on my blog, but I will keep saying it until it is in every single brain that processes the words I write. You are amazing in every single way. And don't forget that.

5. The world may be cruel, but there's some cool stuff here.

Dogs. Cats. Alpacas. Animals in general are basically the best thing about this planet. That's just my opinion though. But not just animals, but life in general. From the forests with the variety of creatures, to the cities filled with diverse people. It's all pretty amazing. Especially since we can observe it and just take in it's beauty. We tend to take for granted what we have on this earth. But unfortunately, it's not all in proper proportion. Not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Which is why I need to write this post. To help those who got a little smaller piece of the pie that is life. But one day that piece will grow into a blossoming future.

And it will all be okay.

If all else fails, just give it the old razzle dazzle and try to be happy. Maybe even do jazz hands behind your back to give yourself a little boost. I know that I may or may not be a help to some people, but I sure can try. No one deserves the feeling of being depressed. Especially not you. Just go with the flow and push through. I know you can do it.

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Published by Jesse Meyer