With the passage of time everything has evolved: the manufacture of automobiles, telephones, food production, etc. The grass has not been the exception because for some years it has been producing artificial grass of different qualities and for different uses and that at the same time has several advantages over natural grass.

Here we present only some:

1-. It is fit and safe for children

The fibers of our grass help to cushion the falls while playing on it, in addition to spiders, ants and other animals can not live inside it, so that bites or bites are avoided.

2-. Synthetic grass is easy to keep:

Synthetic grass requires very little maintenance, since it does not have to be watered as in natural grass, besides it does not allow the growth of weeds or weeds and there is no need to prune it, in comparison with natural grass.

3-. Synthetic grass is durable

Another great advantage of synthetic grass over natural grass is that it does not tend to dry out over time due to lack of irrigation, in addition to the constant contact of people will always look perfect, which ensures a dazzling garden.

4-. Synthetic grass is a sustainable product

In hot seasons, drought or scheduled cuts for maintenance of the hydraulic network you will be conserving the water for other purposes because the synthetic grass does not require it to look clean and fresh like natural grass.

5.- Keep your house clean

Unlike natural grass, pasto sintetico has an efficient drainage system at the bottom, which helps to eliminate rainwater and prevents puddles which means that there will be no mud on the floors of your house when you walk on the garden and go back to your home

Published by scott jack