Montreal, Canada's most famous French city, is home to countless summer festivals, impressive architecture, beautiful bilingualism and native gastronomical treasures.  For your next visit to Montreal, make sure you check out these 5 must-eats:


1. Smoked Meat:
No city is more into smoked meat than Montreal and no restaurant is more famous for it than Schwartz (pictured above). Schwartz is a hole-in-the-wall diner serving up some of Montreal's most flavourful and most packed smoked meat sandwiches. Their menu is limited and their tables are shared but people will line up out the door for a taste of their famous smoked meat.


2. Crepes:

While France may be home of the crepe, Montreal must be the crepe's summer cottage.  Crepes can be savoury or sweet and eaten for any meal of the day. The only thing that matters is that the crepe itself is light and the fillings are delicious. Allow me to recommend my favourite from Chez Suzette: The Delice Special Crepe stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, mushrooms and served with 100% pure Quebec maple syrup! 


3. Poutine:

Canadians are proud people. We're proud of our kick-ass new Prime Minister, we're proud of our free health care and we're incredibly proud of our genius invention of poutine: fries topped with cheese curds and smothered in gravy. Montreal is poutine's birthplace and the best poutine in the city can be found at La Banquise.  La Banquise is easily recognized by the constant line out the door.  It's famous among locals and tourists for serving 30 different kinds of poutine for almost 50 years. 


4. Fondue:
Few things seem more French than slowly dipping a piece of skewered bread/meat/fruit into a boiling pot of cheese/oil/chocolate while staring into the eyes of your amour across a candle lit dining table. Or, in my case, avoiding eye contact and hoping my amour won't catch me stealing the last strawberry.  If you've just finished your poutine at La Banquise and start craving some fondue-y goodness, head right next door to La Fonderie for a dipping good time. 


5. Montreal-style Bagels:

Yes, New York, your northern cousin does have its own version of this classic bread alternative. And while Montreal bagels may not come in rainbow colours or get crossed with croissants, they are dense and delicious.  Pick up a few fresh from the oven from Montreal's oldest bagel store, Fairmount Bagel. Fun fact: Fairmount bagels were the first bagels in space! 


Bon appetit! 


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Published by Riana Autumn