My friend told me that she once joined a 2-year gym membership plan when she wasn't even sure if gym was really her thing. As you would have guessed, after a few attempts, she realized that the packing and commute took up much more effort than the workout itself. So she stopped going to the gym, and the rest of the membership fee has gone to waste.

Sorry I lied. That was me not my friend.

But that was seven years ago. I wasn't really into exercise back then. So when did I start my fitness journey, you may ask? The answer is when I started working out at home. When I work out at home, I can tailor-make a program that suits me best. Most important of all, the budget of a home gym is even cheaper than a monthly gym membership fee! Believe it or not, your home gym only needs these few things:


1.Yoga Mat

Necessity: ☆☆☆☆☆
Function: Provide non-slip and protective properties during floor exercises
Purchased from: Nike
Price: HKD$389

A yoga mat is a necessity for a home gym. Once you get one, hundreds and thousands of bodyweight workout programs are open to you. You can opt for lighter options such as yoga and pilates, or go tough with tabata exercises.

2. Towels

Necessity: ☆☆
Function: Provide a slippery ground during gliding exercise for abs
Purchased from: Recycled
Price: $0

Towels are definitely my recent favorite! I consider abs exercise essential but I hate crunches, and towel workouts solve my dilemma. They're super efficient and they don't hurt my neck! Trust me. You will only need one exercise (Pike is highly recommended), 15 reps, to make your core scream!

3&4. 2lb & 5lb dumbbells

Necessity: ☆☆☆☆
Function: Provide resistance during workout
Purchased from: Gym equipment shop
Price: HKD$100 or below (per pair)
I wanna get pink ones...

Bodyweight is challenging enough for some, but if it isn't for you, you might consider using dumbbells to step up the game. When I train weaker or smaller muscle groups, or  doing Reverse Fly or Bent-arm Lateral Raise, I'd use 2lb dumbbells. When I train stronger or larger muscle groups, or doing Bicep Curl or Shoulder Press, I'd go for the 5lb ones.

5. Yoga Blocks

Necessity: ☆
Function: Provide support when stretching
Purchased from: Taobao
Price: HKD$10 or below(each)

Yoga blocks are not a must-have, but they are perfect for those who are less flexible. There are many ways to use them. You can place them at the back, underneath your feet, or on the sides to give you extra support and leverage.

Now, after you do some math, you'll find out that the total cost of the gear above is just around $420. It's less than a monthly gym membership fee by more than 50% (e.g. GuavaPass $899)! As long as you have the space of a yoga mat, you can certainly make your own home gym! :D

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Published by Sherry Chou