Cleaning your home can be a pain, but it’s important to keep your house in prime condition for a number of different reasons. Cleaning on a regular basis is often difficult, however, with a lot of things getting in the way. Jobs, social life, kids and a lot of other things provide obstacles, and that’s where hiring a house cleaning service comes in. Employing home cleaners shifts the responsibility from your shoulders and allows you to get on with more important things.

However, there’s still a lot you need to consider and get ready before you hire a cleaning company. What do you really have to organise before paying for their services? With much more to it than you’d think, a lot of people often forget the basics when they take the plunge. That’s why we’re here to tell you the top 5 things you need to organise before you pay for home cleaners.

1.       Interview the cleaners. Whether it’s a company or an individual cleaner, you should always interview them first before giving them the job. After all, they’ll have full access to your home and you need to make sure you can trust them. Feeling comfortable with the people cleaning your house is vital, and interviewing any candidates will give you peace of mind. If you’re hiring a company, ask them if it’ll be the same staff member cleaning every time, or if they’ll change it up every few shifts.

2.       Establish your expectations from the get-go. There’s no point in being shy or hiding anything; the simple matter is, the people you hire are being paid to clean your home to the standard you want it to be at. Make your wishes known. If you want clutter removed from under beds or a seven-foot bookshelf dusted at every visit, let them know. The cleaners may have requests of their own, such as beds being stripped prior to their arrival, so make sure you take these into account as well. Having a good relationship with your cleaners will ensure your home is cleaned to a high standard.

3.       Store away any valuables. This should probably go without saying, but even if you have a great deal of trust with your cleaners you can never be too careful. You never know what people’s real intentions may be, so make sure you store away any valuables in a safe and secure place. It’s not worth the risk.

4.       Discuss what cleaning equipment will be required. Most cleaning services will have all of their own equipment, but some may need a bit of access to whatever’s under your kitchen sink or need to borrow a mop or two. Make sure you sort this with them before they arrive for the first time.

5.       Make sure you give plenty of notice. The majority of cleaning services are often pretty fully booked, so if you know you’ll need a job done make sure you book a few weeks in advance. This will avoid any disappointment and relieve any stress you may have over whether the job will get done or not.

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Published by Samantha Brown