As a business owner, your goal is to have a successful business, right? Well here is a list of five things which will not only make your road to success smoother but will also ensure its success. The five things that I will discuss are part of the foundation of running a successful business. 

  1. PERSPECTIVE- What this means is that your business needs a direction to flow in and a path to follow. The easiest and most effective way to bring everything into perspective is through a business plan. A business plan will guide your business, help make important decisions and most of all it will help you focus. You can find out more on the importance of a business plan here!
  2. CREATIVITY AND MANAGEMENT- Yes, I know these are two things, but let me explain! I put both of these things together because I believe that they go hand in hand! An entrepreneur is very creative, however, he/she may not be a very good manager. On the other hand, a manager is good at what he/she does, however, he/she may not be very creative. See where I'm coming from? These two skills are both needed to build the foundation of a successful business. Managers and Creatives are both essential!
  3. GOOD SERVICE- This one is absolutely important! Customers will always remember the service you offered to them. Often, service is what builds customer loyalty and attracts new customers. Service is also important to those businesses operating in a popular niche.  Some tips for good service are: be very easy to contact, communicate often but not too often with customers and be friendly!
  4. CONNECTIONS- As a business owner, you should network with other business owners in your niche or in related niches. This is a good way to learn and make links with those similar to you. You can network by going to local events, that's if you're good at social situations. However, if you don't enjoy such then you can easily join online communities. There are many on twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.
  5. MARKETING- This one is obvious! A lot of time and effort should be put into perfecting your marketing strategy as it can be the difference between failure and success. You should also consider your social media marketing strategy and improve it! Another important thing to remember is market research.

These are the five most important things for having a strong foundation for your soon to be a successful business! What other important things do you think should be on this list?

Published by Aatika Seedat