What’s your backstory?


When I was in high school I would watch CNBC and read Forbes 500. It got me thinking, how did these millionaires and billionaires make their money? Being a young entrepreneur, I wanted to mirror people who had great success, and the easiest way people were making their money was through the stock market. At around 14 years old is when I got really interested and saved up $500 from my first business of mowing lawns.


I had to give it to my dad to open up a brokerage account for me. I ended up using that money to buy Conference International ticker symbol $CFRI at 28 cents and it went all the way up to $1.34 before crashing back down. That’s when I started getting into trading. Then in high school we had a stock market contest and I won that with a prize of $100. At this time CNBC was having a universal simulated contest where I had also beat 99.98% of the people participating.


2008 is when I actively started buying and selling “trading stocks”, I started off by just reading messaging blogs and then moved into options trading with $1,000 and traded my way up to $5,000. Without knowing anything about trading I ended up losing the $5,000. I soon started to get into futures trading then entered a trading combine at a trading firm that would back you with capital if you performed well enough, which I did.


After I was brought on as a trader I taught my friend my strategies and he entered a combine and beat out over 300 traders. That’s when I knew that I could not only trade but also teach people to trade stocks.


In 2012 I was able to meet Tom Sosnoff who started TastyTrade at ThinkorSwim where I got my own trading show in 2012-2013. I was teaching over 40,000 people how to trade futures and options. From there I was hired by a prop firm and received my series 56. After teaching on TastyTrade I was getting tons of messages every single day from people asking me questions about the market. So in 2014 I started Major League Trading.


Now in 2018 I have over 2,500 student’s traders across the world who trade futures, nadex, options and forex. One of my students is from Tanzania and has made over $500,000 in his first year. Another had left the military and went from $2k-$40k in a month and now has done at least $300k. Stories like these are why I started Major League Trading.


What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started”?


1.     This is going to take longer than you want it to.

2.     Trade on a demo account until you understand/develop a positive edge.

3.     Showed me the Fibonacci strategy I use know.

4.     Withdraw 30% every week.

5.     Narrow down to a strategy in the beginning, don’t look for something else.

Published by Asheer Raza