Let’s face it, we all have days where nothing seems to be going our way and it feels like the universe is against us. It seems to happen on days where we can’t find the time to stop and breathe, with overwhelming pressure weighing down on us from all angles of life.

But what about days where there doesn’t seem to be a reason? Do you ever just wake up and know that it’s going to be one of those days? It’s usually the little things that can upset a person on these days and cause them to wallow in negativity.

If you identify as female, it’s so easy to sometimes attribute your emotions to your hormones and give the explanation to yourself that ‘I’m a girl, this is just what happens’. Hey, if that makes things easier to deal with, that’s perfectly fine.

It’s also important to realise that sometimes we feel sad or angry or lost for no real reason at all. More importantly, we need to remember that it’s also okay not to have a reason.

Bad days can be tough, so here are some tips on looking after yourself on days where you’re not feeling yourself:


Write It Down

Sometimes writing down how you feel on days where the blues seem to strike can be incredibly therapeutic. Be descriptive about your emotions and the things that cause you upset. Writing down your feelings and documenting them is important, not only to rid our minds of anxiety, but to hold onto in the event of talking to a friend/family member or doctor in the event of ongoing issues.


Be Good To You

Pamper yourself. Take the time to burn a few of your favourite candles and have a warm, soothing shower while using your favourite body wash/shampoo/face mask. It is amazing how much better we feel after having a shower. Afterwards, make sure you slather yourself in some moisturising lotion and throw on your comfiest pair of pyjamas to turn your bad day into a personal spa day.  


Laugh Out Loud

Even on days when you feel like the world is against you, there is one thing that we can always count on: Netflix. Get comfy on your couch or in your bed and choose an episode of your favourite comedy show to watch. It is amazing what a feel-good TV show can do for your mood and how many times you will smile without realizing it! Another great thing about many TV comedies is their plots don’t seem to be too deep, so if you aren’t focused 100%, it’s not going to matter too much.


Get Outside

Take advantage of sunny days and force yourself into the sunshine, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Grab a picnic blanket and a magazine and head out to your backyard to soak up some warmth and wake your body up a little bit more after a sluggish day. It can be difficult to get sunshine in cooler months (it’s currently winter in Australia), so take advantage of it whenever you can. The relaxing element of sunshine hitting your face will leave you feeling peaceful.

Talk To Someone

It’s okay to feel off once in a while, but if you continue to feel down without explanation for multiple days, or if it becomes a regular occurrence, try talking to someone about it. A friend, family member, doctor or counsellor may be able to offer their advice or other ways to deal with your emotions. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and the truth is, the only way we can receive help sometimes is if we reach out and ask for it.

Your mental health is important, as is the importance of acknowledging your emotions and feelings and understanding there are people out there who can help you when things get too be too much.


How do you get through a bad day? What are your tips on overcoming The Blues?

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Published by Melissa Pisan