Whenever you participate in any contest, the primary aim is to win the competition. Wheather it's an online contest or an offline one, the goal is the same.

In an online contest campaign, voting is the prime deciding factor for winning. You must need consent or support in the form of votes from others. Companies which host different online contests have objectives to promote their new products/sites. Their websites should have more web traffic for long-lasting existence on the best search engine. Thus, more votes for you means more visitors to the particular website.

Now the question is how you can acquire so many votes to win over the other competitors? Here I will reveal top 5 tips to gather maximum votes. So, to be a winner, try to use these tips to ensure the fast collection of votes to put you in win-win condition.

1.  Do Planning before Joining Contests

You have to gather votes from your fans. There are many contestants to fight. If you have no plan and strategy, it is not easy to defeat them. Therefore, utilize out-of-box theories and tricks how to influence others to cast votes for you. Certainly, Google listing will help you to find the best website to have positive customers who will share good feedback. Online votes should not be fictitious or fake. Therefore, evaluate few sites, social media portals and online forums to understand the mindsets of online visitors.

2. Be Professional to Buy Votes

Many competent participants are not seen happy in the long run due to failure. They choose classic photos which must be appreciated by experts. When selection committee of the company counts the likes of visitors, they select the winner who has bagged numerous votes from people. In spite of being efficient, he has to trail behind because of the low volume of credits /votes. So, you must be professional to purchase original votes for successful expedition in the contest. Qualitative sites give custom votes/likes to subscribers depending on premium packages. For such qualitative online portal you can check here. Buy their readymade votes to upgrade the dashboard. These voters are not bots or machines to respond. You will be ahead to have the crown eventually. However, avoid unreliable vendors or sites which deliver free radicals to customers. Before negotiation, read terms and conditions. Go through Google rankings and comments of people.

3. Post Message on Free Forums

See, every contestant must have the determination to take prizes defeating their rivals. They are also intelligent. They will use these customizable votes banking systems to have voted. So, they will give a challenge to you. Search for an alternative to get more replies. Visit the selected sites which have online content posting forums. Regular message posting is helpful to a newcomer to communicate with online friends. If you convince them, you will get few valuable votes to improve your position in a contest.

4. Follow Conventional Custom

Though virtual world slowly replaces conventional communication system, still, people are sociable to befriend neighbours. If you are popular in the friends’ circle, take the advantage. Talk to family members, seniors and classmates frankly. Request them to give company to you for increasing votes. They will be enthusiastic to open the sites for preferring you through casting votes online.

5. Use Reference Links

Often different reference links, previous friends’ lists and contacts come handy to a person. If you are an experienced affiliate or remote freelancer with the vast online network, you are powerful comparing to a newbie. Browse in your email box to pull up old emails, messages and spam materials. If anyone is found dependable, ping him or her with a request to vote in your favour. Their likes must be productive to you eventually. Be innovative with smart tools to apply. Create a glossy website with a superb photo gallery. Add reference links, slide shows and free information to optimize your site to have tons of emails, and SMS from strangers. They will find you online to escort you.


Well, recently email hacking, online bullying and piracy are harmful materials to pollute online society severely. Whenever such awesome online contests are conducted, people feel scared. You must have vivid ideas without ambiguity.

Create Good Profile

Your approach must be bold to start vote canvassing on the internet. Therefore, create a good profile with recent photo plus complete details about you. It will be an inspirational archive to project your image. On social media channels, post few articles, blogs and messages to allow strangers to identify you. They opt for a genuine guy who has nothing to hide. Short description of your career, hobby and vision can be deployed to people to evaluate you.


Finally, how do you steer clear of mobile friends? Send SMS to those who are maverick with energy to open sites on their mobile handsets. They want to co-operate with favourite participants. Utilize such mobile apps to reach a million voters to have a chunk of support for winning the race. Lastly, you must value concepts and ideologies of your superiors. Chat with consultants for suggestions and tips how to speed up vote earning to get rewards. They will show you more dynamic routes and roadmap to have success. 

Published by Emily Rose