Apartments with a compact size have their own benefits - lower rent, sometimes centrally located, and a particular private charm. Such features can be better experienced only if you have decorated your apartment properly. The most common mistake that homeowners make while decorating their apartment is thinking about the space rather than the design. Space is limited in your apartment but that does not mean you have to compromise with style.

The key is to find the perfect balance between space and design and create your plans strategically. Check out these decorating tips to ensure that your home decor suits your personal and aesthetic needs.

Carefully Portray Separate Areas

First, you have to understand that the concept of an open living area can lack in providing a definition to your apartment’s space making things look messy. Therefore, it is recommended to outline distinct areas and offer them a particular purpose. Try putting the shoe and coat racks beside your entrance door. You can also place a buffet in the middle of your dining space and kitchen to ease the serving of food and its storage. For a striking design, you can position your sofa near the foot of your bed, enhancing the overall appearance of your living area.

Opt for Dual-purpose Furniture

Every inch of space is crucial while designing an apartment with a small space. You have to make the most of it by investing in furniture items that are able to do multitasking. For instance, King Landscape Company suggests that you can buy an ottoman with storage facility or a bed that can be folded while watching television. Just make sure that the furniture you pick is size-appropriate or else buying overstuffed models will only make your problems bigger.

Take Advantage of the Unused Space

Instead of adjusting your home design because of low space, take it as a challenge and identify all the spaces that are presently not serving any purpose. Use all the corners and blank walls to your advantage. For example, you can buy a corner shelf to store your essentials. You may keep your lesser-used serving plates inside a few baskets on top of your refrigerator.

Focus More on Storage

While planning the best ways to use your apartment space to the maximum, it is important to think a step ahead. Employ tall, brief storage systems when trying to get the best from the space in your house. You can position two identical bookshelves and give your doorway a built-in shelving look. If you want to distinguish living and sleeping areas profoundly, bring in a large entertainment center that works as a great divider between the two rooms.

Follow the Trend of Floating Design

Put floating shelves into service and enhance the design of your apartment. Similarly, while purchasing furniture, go for the one with legs in place of pieces of furniture that sit directly on the floor.


Take the design of your home to a next level by adhering to the aforementioned tips. Do not let space come in between your creativity and use everything to your advantage for getting the best design out of your apartment.


Author Bio - Lucy Jones is an interior designer who has been working in the home decoration industry for many years. She reviews new and fresh designing concepts of reputable firms like King Landscape Company. She has been writing blogs for the last three years.



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