If you are looking to move smoothly, then you must understand the importance of hiring the most reputable moving company. So, before you start packing, you must be looking for a trustworthy moving company as you wouldn’t want to hand your grandfather’s piano to a complete stranger. So the question arises, how to choose the movers that have a great reputation and can be trusted with all your worldly possessions.

 For that matter, we have brought a list of five great tips that will help you select the best one for your interstate move.

1.    How long have they been in business?
Experience and great track record counts and they show how able the company is to handle your valuables. So, go ahead and find out about how long the company has been in business to ensure that they are experienced enough to handle your stuff.

2.    Is the company licensed and insured?
Find out whether the company is licensed or not. If they have a US DOT number issued by the United States Department of Transportation, then go ahead and verify it by searching it in this database. In this way, you can ensure that the company is legit. You can also verify on the same website whether the company is insured or not as well. Never hire a company which doesn’t have a license or isn’t insured as it might as well be an unreliable one.

3.    Do they have great online reviews?
Another great tip to be sure of their reputation is to check their online reviews by the previous customers. Check their social media accounts like Yelp, Citysearch as well as the rating of their company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If they have great reviews and ratings, then go ahead with them otherwise drop them and move on to some other company with great reviews.

4.    Do they have any letters of recommendation?
A great reputation is earned hard as no one would ever recommend a company that over promised but failed to deliver while charging you a fortune. A great moving company must be able to show you letters of recommendations that would prove they are well equipped with the experience as well as the staff to handle your moving like professionals. So, make sure to see their letters of recommendation before giving them a green flag.

5.    What services are their rates inclusive of?
If a company is offering you low rates that don’t mean your final bill will be low as they might not have incorporated everything in the rates like the fuel charges etc. So, when they tell you about their rates, make it clear which services are inclusive in those rates to be sure of the final bill.

These great tips will help you choose the best moving company for your interstate move. Make sure to clarify all the details before finalizing. Learn more about how to hire the best interstate moving company.

Published by Mudassar Ali