As this is my first post on My Trending Stories, I wanted to start it with a happy note. :) 

It's very important to accept that we deserve happiness. Happiness is no way related to fate.You cannot depend on anyone else to make your happiness as the only person responsible for your happiness is yourself.

So I wanted to share with you some of the tips to lead a happy life.Here We go...

*Live in the moment: Living a life, worrying about the past and anxious about the future will not make you happy. We cannot change the past and don't have any control on the future.

When we start planning for the future, we are always stressed and can never enjoy the present. So Live in the moment, enjoy the life right here right now.

*Think Positive : Positive thinking always creates happiness in life.With a positive attitude, we can experience pleasant and happy feeling.

Positive thinking is something which we need to practice.It is sure to make your life more happy.

*Surround yourself with happy people: Avoid people who are not happy and who does not have a positive impact on your life. Because, these people spread negativity in your life as well like a flu.

Always surround yourself with people who are happy who motivates and support you . This will automatically makes your life happier.

*Learn to Let Go: You should not hold on things which you cannot change anymore. Don't tie yourself on your past. This will make your life miserable. Stop Suffering.Try to forgive people and walk away from the situation that brings you down again.

Move on!! Be Happy!!

*Smile often: Always keep a smile in your face. It will automatically makes you feel happy :)

Be Happy always :)

So what are the tips you use in your life to be happy??

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