The world today is full of stress from work, school or even at home therefore small doses of happiness are very helpful to get through our days!

So here are some easy-to-do tips to stay positive:

  1. Sticky notes. It may seem silly but writing positive and motivational quotes on sticky notes and putting them EVERYWHERE will be helpful The more you see them the more they will stay in your head! (e.g. Rewire your mind for success, REFUSE TO LOSE, Be the best version of yourself, etc.)
  2. Look at the notes for 10-30 minutes . Every morning or whenever you have time look at all these quotes for 10 or more minutes and meditate on them. No, You don’t need to have a Yoga mat, sit and stare at them. Just look, read and keep them in your mind.
  3. Small goal. Set a small goal for yourself, one you don’t normally do and do this for 30 days straight. This will improve your willing to commit and prove to yourself that you can commit on something! (E.g. I NEVER make my bed and I decided that for 30 days I will always do it! And now I still do it!) Seems like a small silly goal but TRUST ME it will feel good.
  4. Podcasts. This is my own personal one. Go on iTunes (Podcast) and look up any positive/motivational podcasts! Listen to them when you’re walking alone, doing the dishes or any activity where you’re not talking to anyone!.
  5. People. Surround yourself with people who are positive. Don’t listen to those who does nothing but discourage you!
  6. The Law Of Attraction. Stay Positive and Motivated and everything will come into place!

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